Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Beginnings idea board

New Beginnings is coming up quickly for us and of course it's all about Personal Progress and the values. So rainbows jump right out at me and there are so many things you can do with rainbows and tying them into the personal progress colors. 

First up are decoration ideas: 

 tissue poms are a great way to add color and doing them in the rainbow colors would be a great way to spread some color.

 Or instead of tissue you could use tulle

 paper circles in rainbow colors sewn together make great garlands

 add some crepe paper to those circle garlands and you've got a great combo

 These are great streamers and easy to make

 streamers attached to a hoop and hung like chandeliers

 I love the Chevron pattern with the rainbows

Ok so now how about the treats:

 taffy on a stick  

 cake in a jar

 Love the gumballs

 This is Jello ice cubes in Sprite

 There are lots of rainbow cake tutorials out there 

 gumballs on a skewer or in a mini cello bag

 gumball flowers

 Sprinkles, straws, and mini gumballs

 Love the push pops and the paper medallions on the straws

 on a healthier not this veggie display would be great

 or you could do a dinner and make this colored spaghetti

candied popcorn would also be yummy (so much for the healthy ideas)

Now it's just fun things I loved that you could incorporate to your night.

 how fun would it be to have these bags in an array of colors for them to fill at the end of the night?

 these would be great as a take home favor or to make that night as a project

The main objective of New Beginnings is to introduce the Personal Progress program to the girls who are either new to YW or who will be coming in in the up coming year. 
How you do your program depends on your ward and it's needs.

hope you found this inspiring! 


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