Monday, January 30, 2012

looking ahead~ lesson 10

I am starting to prepare my lesson for the first Sunday in March. The lesson is Supporting Family Members. Maybe I should preface this by saying that I am a very visual person, I remember things better when I have a visual to go with it, I'm sure that's why I teach the way I do.

For this lesson I am doing a Cheerleader/team theme. I want them to be their families biggest cheerleader and realize they are all on the same team and that working together to reach the "goal" is important. 

On the table I'll have a pom pom, football, megaphone, & maybe a basketball.  I'd love to get my hands on a small piece of turf for my "table cloth". 

I'm going to make pennants for everyone and attach their quote/story/scripture to them. For their hand out I'm thinking about making these pom pom pens I saw on Pinterst. 

I also found these cute digital cheerleaders that I may use as well. 

at the end of the lesson they are suppose to think of ways to support their family members. I found a cute idea on Sugerdoodle about leaving compli~mints for family members so I'm planning on making up enough strips of paper for them to take for each family member and attaching a mint to go with the compli~mint. 

I'll be posting my quotes and stories as I get them done so that they are available for download for anyone who would like them. 

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