Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arise & Shine Forth board

 This is a follow up post to this one about our Spiritual thoughts in opening exercises. 

So I am doing a Arise & Shine Forth bulletin board. 
I cut out my letters in yellow glitter card stock and taped them on a wall in our YW room. 

This is the box I covered to hold all our pictures that will be posted on our wall as well as a reminder of what they're suppose to do. 
I used a box I found in the dollar section at Target and covered in scrapbook paper, add a few ribbons and chip board and there you have it. 

I put it all out on my bed to get a general idea of how it should all come together and after doing the first one yesterday, my only concern is having them stay stuck on the wall. I think I'm going to need to use command strips because the tape just isn't cutting it. 


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  1. For the Arise & Shine bulletin do you have a file with the photos with labels you would be wiling to share? I love this idea for our YW in Excellence, and wold love to use it as a display.