Monday, May 28, 2012

Handouts for Lesson 19

Sorry this is coming so late but allergies got the best of me this weekend and I almost didn't teach this lesson. But I toughed it out and it all went really well. 

On my table I had a canning jar, a couple of the journal jars I'd made, an old black & white picture, a few of my journals, and a violin (goes with the story in the lesson). 

I had the journal entries in the lesson printed out separately and the girls each took turns reading an entry. I also printed out questions from the lesson so that everyone would participate. 
This is what I attached to each quote/question from the lesson that the girls got. Needless to say everyone was anxious to help out with the lesson. 

These are Hershey Nuggets covered with a "journal entry" I created in Photoshop. 

I found a background paper that looked like lined notebook paper, chose a font that looked like handwriting (I used Pea Valerie), and wrote a little entry. This is one strip of paper over both nuggets. Then attach them to a dark brown card stock and add a little ribbon for a book mark. 

This is what my entry said

As a handout I made each girl a journal jar to help encourage them to write in their journals even when they feel like they have nothing to write about. 

 I wanted a antique kind of feel for the jars so I used burlap and lace and made my paper flower out of graduating circle punches. 
The quote I attached to the jars is the one found at the end of the lesson. 

 You can find my inspiration for these things as well as the questions for the jars on my first Lesson 19 post.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

printables for lesson 19

These are the papers I created for this lesson and wanted to share. 
This one I am tying on small journal jars for each girl                    
 You can download it HERE

These next two are the little questionnaires they do in two groups (side note: these are 4x4 in when I printed them I enlarged them to 5x5in)
 you can download this one HERE

and this one HERE

I'll be posting pictures of  the journal jars and the mini Hershey Nugget books as soon as I get them done.

You can find other lesson ideas here 
and the handouts I made here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girls Camp 2012

Our camp theme this year is Arise and Shine Forth like the general youth theme for the church. This year for camp they have incorporated a lot of music and our ward theme is based on the song we were given. Our ward was given "Like a Lighthouse in the Night" so we are going with a nautical theme. I am not a camp director but of course want to help any way I can so they gave me the job of decorating camp. 
I found some really fun ideas that I am going to do. 
We're doing a navy, red, yellow, light blue color scheme so I'll find fabric in those colors and just do this between two trees like in the picture, maybe to create a little privacy between whom ever we're camped next to. 

We have a lot of those Pop-Up shade covers at camp and we have a huge one about this size that we place over the tables where we eat. I thought this would be so fun to add a little glam to camp. I won't be hanging tissue poms mostly because it almost always rains at camp (yes even here in Vegas) and they wouldn't hold up. But I will do the banner and curtain sides.

How fun would it be to have a mason jar chandelier hanging in our pop up. Both these would be easy to do and really fun. I of course would have to use battery tea lights but I think they'd work just as well.

I would decorate the mason jars for it to look like this

I am going to make a ton of these cute little guys to string between tent, trees, and anything I can find. I will make them out of fabric so that if (when) it rains they won't be ruined like paper would.

And this would be fun to have hanging on a tree to leave notes or reminders. Easy to make too, dollar store platter and chalkboard spray paint.

I thought these were super fun and am going to hang one over each tent door. 

We are even having a lighthouse made to go in camp, I can't wait to see it done. We are also going to have a picket fence and on the fence we'll hang the cans the girls decorated for their mailboxes for their secret sister gifts and any other special notes. 

I also was able to help design our T-shirts for our ward. They wanted to do a subway art on the back of our red shirts and so I went to work and came up with this.

for the back (printed in white)

and for the front (small in the corner)
The girls have also already gotten together and made PJ pants in a cute nautical print. 
And while I was perusing Pinterest one day I came across this, hair tinsel. I LOVED it and thought how fun it would be for all the girls to have some red hair tinsel, so I've got some on the way now. 
(this is just the random picture they had to show what it looks like in hair)

and this is the color I got from Hair Flairs

I love to do some small things for the girls at camp to let them know I love them too, so here's a couple things I'll be doing for our girls. 

 I thought this would be a cute way to give cookies

I of course won't be doing Halloween print but I found a fun camp paper to use, add a little treat and super fun. 

And these are a perfect camp treat, smore's marshmallows.

Our girls who are YCL's this year will camp with the stake and I always want to include them so I do a little something different for them. I loved the idea of pillowcases with "Arise & Shine Forth" on them, mine will be a little different, I want to make the "Shine" sparkle and the sun maybe only half like a rising sun. I'll post when I get them done. 

And I am all about the packaging so I loved this idea with the gable box and their name on the front. I'm going to do a plain white gable box and cute it up with some of the camping scrapbook paper I've got but still do the mini pennants and add their name across the front. Add a little treat and the pillow case and it's something fun.

We also decided that we would like to do secret sisters among the leaders so I've been collecting ideas to do for my SS.

I love the bottle cap necklaces and with "Like a Lighthouse" in the bottle cap I thought it would be perfect to give to always remember camp. 

I even found this lighthouse charm to add to it. 

I made these little card kits for a Christmas gift this last year and thought they would be fun to give as a little gift using my camp paper or nautical colors. It's six 3X3 cards and a few Hershey nuggets. 

I loved this idea of a little pedicure kit. Super cute. 

Each year we're given a new "sister" ward to get to know. Before camp we do some certification together as well as some fun activities. This way the girls grow their circle of friends at camp. I thought it would be fun to give our sister ward a treat while we're at camp. These would be perfect. I'll use lemon heads and red hots and put a fun lighthouse on the top, stick them in a sand bucket with a huge bow and their you have it. 

I am SO excited for camp this year and can't wait to get started on my projects. As I finish them I'll post my pictures but this gives you the general idea of what I've got swimming around in my head. I'd love to hear what fun things you do for girls camp so please share!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

lesson 19/Manual 1

I actually get to teach this lesson this week so I will also be including some printables that I create. This Mormon ad is what I am taking most of my inspiration from.
Preserving your life. I'm picturing a couple of canned goods on the table as well as some journals I've made

 a necklace my grandmother gave me and if I can get one a picture of an ancestor. 

For the lesson I am going to split up the journal entry story and have girls take turns reading the entries and I will be the narrator. I found a couple of cute ideas that you could attach to the reading parts for the lesson.

First is this chocolate "book" that you can make to look like a journal

Or these cute mini journals. I think you could make these out of mini post it's, cover with cute paper, and add the button and string. 

Or you could attach a fun pen (I have really good luck finding cute pens at Target in their dollar bins)

For their handout I am planning on doing a journal jar (Here's a list of a bunch of questions to go in the jar) and if I'm feeling super crafty a cute journal (or if I can find one at the dollar store). 

As I do my creations and printables I'll be sure to add them and the links on where to find them.

****I've created my files for this lesson if you would like to see them and the links to download are included in the post. Click HERE
**you can also see the handouts I made here


Monday, May 14, 2012

Teacher appreciation

Last week was teacher appreciation week and I had fun putting together little treats for my kids to take to school for their great teachers. But then I realized that there are more great teachers than the ones at school, so I made up a little treat for our YW adviser's as well as my kids Primary teachers. We all know how hard a Primary teacher works to keep those kids engaged and learning so a little thank you was in order. 

 Are any of you in the boat we're in right now? Sunday lessons with blank looks on the girls faces. Some Sundays it is so hard to get any kind of feedback from them, not a chance a discussion. I wanted to make sure our adviser's knew how much we appreciated their efforts with the girls and that they keep giving that effort. So they deserved a thank you as well.
If you are interested you can download the tag here


Lesson 18/Manual 1

Wow, I feel this lesson is one of the most important in the manual. It has also been one of the most fun to teach. Fun because every girl dreams of her wedding day, and to watch them talk about it and plan for it is amazing. So important because this decision will affect the rest of their lives. And because this is such an important decision in their lives I put a lot of effort into this lesson to help make an impression in their minds, to help them remember.

I've taught this lesson before and can still remember some things I did each time I've taught it. I didn't do EVERY thing in one lesson but over the course of teaching this a few different times. 
I have set up the room in white, white table cloth, white tulle, white framed temple pictures, white flowers, etc. I've also placed out my wedding pictures, and wedding dress. 

I've attached fake wedding rings to the quotes and scriptures I'd prepared for the girls to read. (Check out the wedding sections at your local Michaels and Joann stores)
I have also made a quote from the lesson look like a wedding announcement or made up a wedding announcement with their name on it and left a blank where it said "in the ________Temple" so that they could picture what it could be like. 

Here are some fun ideas for handouts as well that I of course found on Pinterest. 

This would be a great thing to frame so that they can place it in their rooms as a reminder

These would be fun to make as well and I have a place you can find these clear boxes to put them in. They don't look too difficult, maybe just a little time consuming. Circle cookies in graduating sizes stacked like a wedding cake. 

This one is also something I think each girl would keep forever and be very special to them. 

This is such a cute way to do a candy ring pop
this is my source from Pinterest but I can't find it on the blog it lead to

I hope you have as much fun with this lesson as I have in the past. This week is Ward conf. for us so we won't be teaching but I'd love to hear what everyone else did for this lesson to make it special. Please be sure to read the added articles on the side bar for more inspiration and direction.