Monday, May 21, 2012

lesson 19/Manual 1

I actually get to teach this lesson this week so I will also be including some printables that I create. This Mormon ad is what I am taking most of my inspiration from.
Preserving your life. I'm picturing a couple of canned goods on the table as well as some journals I've made

 a necklace my grandmother gave me and if I can get one a picture of an ancestor. 

For the lesson I am going to split up the journal entry story and have girls take turns reading the entries and I will be the narrator. I found a couple of cute ideas that you could attach to the reading parts for the lesson.

First is this chocolate "book" that you can make to look like a journal

Or these cute mini journals. I think you could make these out of mini post it's, cover with cute paper, and add the button and string. 

Or you could attach a fun pen (I have really good luck finding cute pens at Target in their dollar bins)

For their handout I am planning on doing a journal jar (Here's a list of a bunch of questions to go in the jar) and if I'm feeling super crafty a cute journal (or if I can find one at the dollar store). 

As I do my creations and printables I'll be sure to add them and the links on where to find them.

****I've created my files for this lesson if you would like to see them and the links to download are included in the post. Click HERE
**you can also see the handouts I made here


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