Monday, June 25, 2012

returning soon

I wish this is what our camping looked like : )

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late but I've been full steam ahead with girls camp and getting my family ready for the week while I'm gone. I will be at camp all this week but will have some fabulous pictures to post when I return. 
Until then, Happy Camping!!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Camp treats part 2

I've been debating wether to post these yet or not because I don't know if the women I'm going to camp with read this blog. I don't think that they do so I'm going to risk it. (and if you are reading this please pretend to be surprised when you receive it at camp)

I've been wanting to do a bottle cap necklace for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. You can see where I found my idea and the lighthouse charm on my older post here

Of course I had to package them up cute to give : )

Next are my YCL treats. I used freezer paper and cut out the words, then ironed them on the pillow cases and painted in yellow. I added iron on gems to the shine to make it a little sparkely. 

And of course you need a mint for your pillow. These are peppermint patties sandwiched between two scallop punches in a pretzel rod bag. 

I loved using this camping paper, isn't it cute!!!

I got my craft gable boxes from Hobby Lobby and used some of my camping paper to cute them up. Inside is the pillow case and mints. 


Love the pennants

all ready to go!!

This is another treat for the girls at camp. I have one more to do but it's dipped marshmallows and I want them to be fresh so I'm waiting to do them the day before we leave. 

I used my Stampin Up die cut to make the shape of the purse, added a paper handle and flower and I think they turned out pretty cute. 

Inside each pures is a package of gum. My husband asked why I couldn't just put the gum in their buckets. Two reasons, because it's me and this is how I would want to receive it. 

I'll be sure to add a picture of the marshmallows when I get them done. 
But that does it for all my fun things to give. 

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp treats

I've working like crazy to get everything ready for camp and I'm not even the camp director or assistant. (I can only imagine what their days are like) Don't get me wrong this has been the best kind of crazy, doing fun crafty things. I've got the first two of my treats for the girls done as well as my Secret Sister gift (not shown). As leaders we're doing Secret Sisters between us and we're each taking a day to do a gift so we only have to think of one (X4) instead of four gifts to give. So I guess it's not really secret but anyway still fun! 

Today was starting my pillow cases and they are looking stinkin cute!! Can't wait to post those. But for now here are my first two treats I'm bringing. 1x8 bags filled with lemon heads topped off with a pinwheel. 

And these cute cookie monsters

more to come soon!!

Happy Camping!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fathers Day treats

For our activity this week we are putting together Fathers Day treats to hand out to the dads this Sunday. We felt like the dads kinda get jipped when it comes to recognition so we decided to take it upon ourselves to fix that.

I found black and white polka dot washi tape at Michaels and made up my own tag. 

Here is the link to download the tags if you're interested
We're going to have an assembly line tonight to put these together, the girls were thrilled to be doing something for their dads. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

lesson 22/ manual 1

I apologize for missing the last few lessons, I've been focused on getting ready for girls camp. Pictures to come of what I've been working on soon. Anyway I thought I'd put my ideas for our next lesson on here. 
The repentance lesson is in each manual and presented a little differently in each as well. Last year when I taught the repentance lesson I gave soap as a hand out but the lesson this year has a great quote about God's pencil right at the beginning of the lesson. I thought it would be fun to attach a fun eraser to the quote or question that I pass out to the girls to help with the lesson. Or Target usually has some fun pencils in their dollar bins. 

I've seen these kinds of erasers in craft stores before. 

I have to add that I love the extra resources provided on the side, especially the talks "Point of Safe Return" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf and  Boyd K. Packer's, “I Will Remember Your Sins No More",
Both would be great additions to this lesson. 

I have this pinned on my Teacher gifts board but thought it would be perfect for a handout for this lesson.
It's a roll of Rolo's (or you could use lifesavers or mentos) with a Hershey's kiss on the bottom. 
Attach the pencil quote instead of the heart and it's perfect. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mission Impossible ~Unity

At our last Presidency meeting the concern of unity among our girls came up. We sat and brainstormed a few ideas that I think will help bring them together but most of what we thought of isn't going to happen until later in the summer. We also felt with camp approaching quickly we needed to do something right away. The idea that came was that they need to get to know each other better, to mix more with those they don't already associate with daily. We thought we should give them questions to find out about a certain girl and preform a small act of service, and that this would help bring them together and maybe help with the unity at camp. 

Well I couldn't see just handing them a slip of paper with some questions on it so I came up with a little fun to add to this idea.

Mission Impossible 
(because right now it seems impossible to get these girls to reach outside themselves)

Each girl received an envelope with her mission inside as well as some helpful  tools. 
This is the mission letter each girl received and you can download a copy here and insert girls names on your own. 

And their questions they needed to find out as well as the small act of service. you can download a copy here

Each packet also had a small note book, fake teeth, and Poprocks explosives, that I found at Dollar Tree

the warning labels can be downloaded here

At the end of the time allotted to complete their mission we will have a spy activity where they get to play silly spy games like a laser obstacle course

pin the gunshot on the target

hot potato using a "bomb"

or defuse the bombs before they explode (balloon stomp)

and maybe a few more fun ones. They will also report on their assignment at the activity. 
Between now and the end date they will have weekly activities, camp & a fun road trip to find out about their target. 

We hope this will help bring some unity to our YW and that they will have a greater love for those around them. 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finals Treat

It's finals time here and every year we try to take the girls a treat and wish them luck on their finals. The week can be very stressful especially for the older girls so we want them to know we love them and are proud of them. 
Last year I did treat cans for my beehives, this year we decided to all do something together for all the girls. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and knew the girls would love it. 

Each of the leaders, advisors included, made 5 dozen cookie dough balls and froze them. I went to our local yogurt shop and bought the cups which turned out perfect because it was cheaper and they were bigger than the ones offered in party supply stores online. 

We put the directions for baking the cookies on the outside of the cup to cover the yogurt shops insignia. 
I created the tag in Photoshop and you can download a copy for yourself here

 I found the spatulas at Walmart for $.88 each. 

It was so much fun to see the girls faces as we delivered these treats & I know they'll do great this week!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Zombie First Aid

We all  know that the girls have to certify each year for girls camp and part of the certification is first aid. We also know how boring (but important) those classes can be. This year our sister ward had what I thought  was a FABULOUS idea to make first aid fun. Unfortunately it didn't quite all come together and work out but I thought I would share the idea because it could have been a fun way to do first aid. 

The idea was to have a zombie attach and then teach the ways to treat the injuries. This is how I envisioned it going. 
Prep: assign someone (or two or three) to be the zombie attacker (I would recommend leaders)
assign those that will be attacked their injuries and how over the top you want them to go with their dramatic attacks. (again use leaders) have their clothes torn, bloodied if it goes with the wound. 
Have the 5th yr girls assigned a year to teach (4th, 3rd, etc.) because each year is a little different in their requirements. 
Have someone there to do "make-up" and wounds.
                                                        (I had a snake bite on my arm)

For the activity: have the girls meet on one room all together say your opening prayer and take care of any business. The girls (except the 5th yrs) won't know that a zombie attack is planned so while their starting their first aid class have someone run in the room in ragged, ripped cloths, yelling about a zombie. The 5th years would then lead the girls out to find the first victim and depending on the injuries  one 5th yr would stay and say all ?yrs stay with me and we'll try to save her. Then another 5th yr would take over and have them follow her to find other victims. The leaders would be placed around the church or park laying on the ground moaning or what ever would be appropriate to their injury, and a  5th yr would stay behind with their assigned younger year. The zombie could then go around and scare or mix with the girls. The more dramatic the leaders and 5th yrs are the more fun the whole activity would be. 

I hope someone will be able to use this, I'd love to hear if you do and how it went. 
Maybe next year we can get it together to make it work out. 
Have fun!!