Friday, June 1, 2012

Zombie First Aid

We all  know that the girls have to certify each year for girls camp and part of the certification is first aid. We also know how boring (but important) those classes can be. This year our sister ward had what I thought  was a FABULOUS idea to make first aid fun. Unfortunately it didn't quite all come together and work out but I thought I would share the idea because it could have been a fun way to do first aid. 

The idea was to have a zombie attach and then teach the ways to treat the injuries. This is how I envisioned it going. 
Prep: assign someone (or two or three) to be the zombie attacker (I would recommend leaders)
assign those that will be attacked their injuries and how over the top you want them to go with their dramatic attacks. (again use leaders) have their clothes torn, bloodied if it goes with the wound. 
Have the 5th yr girls assigned a year to teach (4th, 3rd, etc.) because each year is a little different in their requirements. 
Have someone there to do "make-up" and wounds.
                                                        (I had a snake bite on my arm)

For the activity: have the girls meet on one room all together say your opening prayer and take care of any business. The girls (except the 5th yrs) won't know that a zombie attack is planned so while their starting their first aid class have someone run in the room in ragged, ripped cloths, yelling about a zombie. The 5th years would then lead the girls out to find the first victim and depending on the injuries  one 5th yr would stay and say all ?yrs stay with me and we'll try to save her. Then another 5th yr would take over and have them follow her to find other victims. The leaders would be placed around the church or park laying on the ground moaning or what ever would be appropriate to their injury, and a  5th yr would stay behind with their assigned younger year. The zombie could then go around and scare or mix with the girls. The more dramatic the leaders and 5th yrs are the more fun the whole activity would be. 

I hope someone will be able to use this, I'd love to hear if you do and how it went. 
Maybe next year we can get it together to make it work out. 
Have fun!!


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