Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finals Treat

It's finals time here and every year we try to take the girls a treat and wish them luck on their finals. The week can be very stressful especially for the older girls so we want them to know we love them and are proud of them. 
Last year I did treat cans for my beehives, this year we decided to all do something together for all the girls. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and knew the girls would love it. 

Each of the leaders, advisors included, made 5 dozen cookie dough balls and froze them. I went to our local yogurt shop and bought the cups which turned out perfect because it was cheaper and they were bigger than the ones offered in party supply stores online. 

We put the directions for baking the cookies on the outside of the cup to cover the yogurt shops insignia. 
I created the tag in Photoshop and you can download a copy for yourself here

 I found the spatulas at Walmart for $.88 each. 

It was so much fun to see the girls faces as we delivered these treats & I know they'll do great this week!


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