Monday, January 30, 2012

looking ahead~ lesson 10

I am starting to prepare my lesson for the first Sunday in March. The lesson is Supporting Family Members. Maybe I should preface this by saying that I am a very visual person, I remember things better when I have a visual to go with it, I'm sure that's why I teach the way I do.

For this lesson I am doing a Cheerleader/team theme. I want them to be their families biggest cheerleader and realize they are all on the same team and that working together to reach the "goal" is important. 

On the table I'll have a pom pom, football, megaphone, & maybe a basketball.  I'd love to get my hands on a small piece of turf for my "table cloth". 

I'm going to make pennants for everyone and attach their quote/story/scripture to them. For their hand out I'm thinking about making these pom pom pens I saw on Pinterst. 

I also found these cute digital cheerleaders that I may use as well. 

at the end of the lesson they are suppose to think of ways to support their family members. I found a cute idea on Sugerdoodle about leaving compli~mints for family members so I'm planning on making up enough strips of paper for them to take for each family member and attaching a mint to go with the compli~mint. 

I'll be posting my quotes and stories as I get them done so that they are available for download for anyone who would like them. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Beginnings invite

I can't believe how fast New Beginnings is coming up. This last week was all about working on getting the invites ready to hand out on Sunday. I designed the paper invite in Photoshop and had them copied at Office Max. 

Once they were printed I thought they needed a little sparkle so I added some glitter around the "sunny" and love how it turned out. 

I originally thought I wanted to do little boxes to put the invite in but decided that the bag was just as cute. I added some lemon heads for a little extra sunshine. 

 I found a sunshine on a cartridge for my Cricut that worked perfectly.

 Already to go. 

finished b-day gift

Yea!! gifts for the girls birthdays this year are all done and in the closet ready to go. I went back and forth on what to do for the tags for these and finally decided on this cupcake die cut that I had on one of my Cricut cartridges. I put their first initial on it and called it good. I love them!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

YW birthday gifts

This idea I borrowed from my sister who is also in the YW program in her ward. We've been trying to decide on what to do for the girls this year for their birthdays. Last year there was a box of things from the dollar section at Michaels that they could choose from. This year we wanted to make it a little more personal (and cuter!!!)

I asked my sister what they do in their ward and she told me that they gave the girls sock cupcakes. CUTE idea huh?!?!?!

They put theirs in cello bags and of course I wanted to take it one step further and had individual cupcake boxes that they looked really cute in. 

I still have to add the tags with their names on them but this is pretty much how they'll look. 

I found the socks at Target, 2 for $2.50 and the boxes are from Layers Cake Shop.

I have socks in purple, pink, red, and teal and each box is tied up with a matching ribbon. 

I hope they'll love them!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arise & Shine Forth board

 This is a follow up post to this one about our Spiritual thoughts in opening exercises. 

So I am doing a Arise & Shine Forth bulletin board. 
I cut out my letters in yellow glitter card stock and taped them on a wall in our YW room. 

This is the box I covered to hold all our pictures that will be posted on our wall as well as a reminder of what they're suppose to do. 
I used a box I found in the dollar section at Target and covered in scrapbook paper, add a few ribbons and chip board and there you have it. 

I put it all out on my bed to get a general idea of how it should all come together and after doing the first one yesterday, my only concern is having them stay stuck on the wall. I think I'm going to need to use command strips because the tape just isn't cutting it. 


Monday, January 23, 2012

Love One Another

This last week for our activity we had a Personal Progress night, meaning we did an activity to help the girls with one of their goals and we got everyone caught up with having everything signed that should be. We also brainstormed on ideas for the projects for some of the girls who were ready to do those. 

I saw this activity that someone had done for activity days and loved it. I wanted to do a Valentines activity for my girls but we didn't have a class activity any where near Valentines day. So I found a goal that tied in perfect with the activity I had planned. This activity goes with Divine Nature #3, and here is where I first discovered the idea, The Fickle Pickle

I picked up the boxes at Target for a $1 ea, as well as the notepads. I added some conversation hearts to the bottom of the box, printed of the instructions and scripture that went with it, and it all went in the box. 

 We talked about loving one another and why that is so important. We also brainstormed about who they could do this for in their family. 

She also had a great idea for a treat to go with this activity that the girls loved putting together. 

These are cupcakes split in half, vanilla pudding colored pink with some Cool Whip added, and then plain Cool whip and sprinkles. They really were quite yummy.

It was a great activity and I'll be checking in with the girls after two weeks to see if they have finished this goal. 


Monday, January 16, 2012

"Purse"onal Progress

I am over the Beehives and because they are just getting started on their Personal Progress I want them to be consistent in their efforts so that they will be successful. So I've started bringing a reminder on Sunday for them to work on their P.P.
It won't always be a treat, I've also found some great quotes and poems for each value(which I'll share as I do them). I'll probably alternate between a treat and a quote/poem. I'm also getting each girl a small photo album to keep her quotes and poems in as I give them so that they're somewhere they can go and use them later. I haven't gotten them yet, that's next week so you'll have to wait until then to see them. But here is this weeks reminder.
 These are Hershey Nuggets wrapped in scrapbook paper, small brad added and a little ribbon. They thought they were pretty cute. 

You can find more reminder ideas over on this post. 


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual thought

I came across a great idea the other day and we've decided to give it a try in our YW program. 
I don't know how all your "spiritual thoughts" go in your opening exercises but ours are usually the girls opening their scriptures and what ever it happens to open to is the spiritual thought. There isn't any "thought" put into it at all. I loved the idea over at Burlap & Denim about taking a picture and having the girls tell how the picture shows an example of someone who shined their light or how it can help the young woman shine her light. She does her a bit different and you can check her original idea out on her blog. 

So we'll be turning one of our walls into our bulletin board and posting these pictures that they draw on it. To start I'm going to put a title on our bulletin board at the top which will say "Shining our light". Then in the center of our board I'm going to put this print that I created and had printed out at a 8x12 size.

 Then each Sunday after the girls have talked about their picture we'll post them around the print to remind us of all the ways we can shine.  I'll have all the pictures printed out and in a cute box with the instructions on it so they remember what they are suppose to do. 

You can find all the pictures she used for her board on her site, she was kind enough to share all the work it took to collect them all. 

You can also download my Arise & Shine Forth print here if you'd like. 

I hope this makes our "spiritual thoughts" a little more spiritual and thoughtful. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

You are my Sunshine inspiration~2

Here are some more Sunshiny things for inspiration. 

First up food ideas

these would be regular Jello not shots like the site suggests


And some fun details

sorry, my link for this site is not working

these are from the same site as the bags

 love the lemons under glass

again can't get my link to work. I'll look for the site and try to get it for you all


Babysitting workshop

For our activity this week we  had  a babysitting workshop. Beehives are the perfect age for this, just starting to get babysitting job and in need of a little training. 

I found the original idea for the kit at Wendy's Activities blog and made a few changes. 

We had a few ladies from the Ward come talk about what they expect from a babysitter, what actually makes an emergency and when to call, what to say when someone asks "how much do you charge?", and then they were able to ask some questions. 
After our discussion we went over the papers in their folder. (all of which you can download for free)
These are the papers that were in the folder

Once we'd covered all of these I had set up tables and on each table was a game they could put together to go in their babysitting bag. The games were four of those listed on the "Games" worksheet, ribbon matching, sink or float, sock guessing game, cotton ball blowing game. 
First they started by attaching the LABELS for the games to a plastic bag.

Once they were attached they could go to the tables and assemble the games. 
 I found tote bags at Target for $2.50 that were really a good size for them to add the other suggested item to. 
I also made luggage tags for them with their names to put on their bags.

I took this to Office Max and had them printed as well as just a polka dot paper cut them out so that there was a front and back and then had them laminated. I punched a hole in the top and added some ribbon to attach them to their bags. 
I think they were most excited about these because they had their names on them. 

It turned out to be a great activity and the girls are going to be great babysitters.