Thursday, January 12, 2012

Babysitting workshop

For our activity this week we  had  a babysitting workshop. Beehives are the perfect age for this, just starting to get babysitting job and in need of a little training. 

I found the original idea for the kit at Wendy's Activities blog and made a few changes. 

We had a few ladies from the Ward come talk about what they expect from a babysitter, what actually makes an emergency and when to call, what to say when someone asks "how much do you charge?", and then they were able to ask some questions. 
After our discussion we went over the papers in their folder. (all of which you can download for free)
These are the papers that were in the folder

Once we'd covered all of these I had set up tables and on each table was a game they could put together to go in their babysitting bag. The games were four of those listed on the "Games" worksheet, ribbon matching, sink or float, sock guessing game, cotton ball blowing game. 
First they started by attaching the LABELS for the games to a plastic bag.

Once they were attached they could go to the tables and assemble the games. 
 I found tote bags at Target for $2.50 that were really a good size for them to add the other suggested item to. 
I also made luggage tags for them with their names to put on their bags.

I took this to Office Max and had them printed as well as just a polka dot paper cut them out so that there was a front and back and then had them laminated. I punched a hole in the top and added some ribbon to attach them to their bags. 
I think they were most excited about these because they had their names on them. 

It turned out to be a great activity and the girls are going to be great babysitters.


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