Monday, January 23, 2012

Love One Another

This last week for our activity we had a Personal Progress night, meaning we did an activity to help the girls with one of their goals and we got everyone caught up with having everything signed that should be. We also brainstormed on ideas for the projects for some of the girls who were ready to do those. 

I saw this activity that someone had done for activity days and loved it. I wanted to do a Valentines activity for my girls but we didn't have a class activity any where near Valentines day. So I found a goal that tied in perfect with the activity I had planned. This activity goes with Divine Nature #3, and here is where I first discovered the idea, The Fickle Pickle

I picked up the boxes at Target for a $1 ea, as well as the notepads. I added some conversation hearts to the bottom of the box, printed of the instructions and scripture that went with it, and it all went in the box. 

 We talked about loving one another and why that is so important. We also brainstormed about who they could do this for in their family. 

She also had a great idea for a treat to go with this activity that the girls loved putting together. 

These are cupcakes split in half, vanilla pudding colored pink with some Cool Whip added, and then plain Cool whip and sprinkles. They really were quite yummy.

It was a great activity and I'll be checking in with the girls after two weeks to see if they have finished this goal. 


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