Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual thought

I came across a great idea the other day and we've decided to give it a try in our YW program. 
I don't know how all your "spiritual thoughts" go in your opening exercises but ours are usually the girls opening their scriptures and what ever it happens to open to is the spiritual thought. There isn't any "thought" put into it at all. I loved the idea over at Burlap & Denim about taking a picture and having the girls tell how the picture shows an example of someone who shined their light or how it can help the young woman shine her light. She does her a bit different and you can check her original idea out on her blog. 

So we'll be turning one of our walls into our bulletin board and posting these pictures that they draw on it. To start I'm going to put a title on our bulletin board at the top which will say "Shining our light". Then in the center of our board I'm going to put this print that I created and had printed out at a 8x12 size.

 Then each Sunday after the girls have talked about their picture we'll post them around the print to remind us of all the ways we can shine.  I'll have all the pictures printed out and in a cute box with the instructions on it so they remember what they are suppose to do. 

You can find all the pictures she used for her board on her site, she was kind enough to share all the work it took to collect them all. 

You can also download my Arise & Shine Forth print here if you'd like. 

I hope this makes our "spiritual thoughts" a little more spiritual and thoughtful. 

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  1. Tiffany! This is Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!!!