Wednesday, January 25, 2012

YW birthday gifts

This idea I borrowed from my sister who is also in the YW program in her ward. We've been trying to decide on what to do for the girls this year for their birthdays. Last year there was a box of things from the dollar section at Michaels that they could choose from. This year we wanted to make it a little more personal (and cuter!!!)

I asked my sister what they do in their ward and she told me that they gave the girls sock cupcakes. CUTE idea huh?!?!?!

They put theirs in cello bags and of course I wanted to take it one step further and had individual cupcake boxes that they looked really cute in. 

I still have to add the tags with their names on them but this is pretty much how they'll look. 

I found the socks at Target, 2 for $2.50 and the boxes are from Layers Cake Shop.

I have socks in purple, pink, red, and teal and each box is tied up with a matching ribbon. 

I hope they'll love them!!


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