Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lesson 43 Association with Others

Last Sunday my advisor was out of town for the holiday which meant I got to teach my sweet Beehives. The lesson was Association with Others which you can find hereI love Sugardoodle and find that it is my go to place to see what others have done.

Of course I had to have a theme for my lesson and it came from the quote "No man is an island". Can you guess what is was ?. . . . . yep an "Island" theme. 

I attached the quotes and scriptures I had them read to plastic leis I found at Dollar Tree, I also had a very flowery table cloth and palm trees on my signage that was posted on the board. 
I gave the lesson according to the manual but added a few "situations" to demonstrate the danger of judging others. This is the link for the added situations from YW connection.

For their handout I really liked this idea from Carolyn (which I also found on Sugardoodle) about not boxing yourself in and sharing your talents. I found some cute little boxes at Party City in the clearance section added some chocolate gold coins and did up her quote in a tropical way and voila!
you can download these here for free. If you have problems downloading them please leave me a comment and I'll send it to you directly.


lesson 44 Avoiding crisis living

I get to teach this Sunday as it is fast Sunday and a  member of the presidency teaches on this Sunday each month. My lesson is Avoiding crisis living, you can see the whole lesson here .

I am a theme girl through and through. When I prepare my lessons it always helps me to find a theme to go with the lesson. I think the most memerable lessons from when I was in Young Womens  had a theme and so I like to teach that way. 

These are ideas I found that I'm going to use for my lesson. I haven't made mine yet but wanted to share anyway. I'll post my lesson Sunday night with any added quotes, stories, or object lessons that I may find. As well as my handouts and things. I'll also include a free printable of my quotes for anyone who would like to use them.

Any way. . . . .I'm going with an owl theme because one of the lines in the lesson is "using your time WISELY".
 When I'm teaching the entire YW's group or actually any time I'm teaching I make sure everyone gets to participate in the lesson. When I haven't done this and I ask a question or their thoughts you can hear crickets chirpping. This way everyone gets to contribute in some way.

With that being said, I plan on putting a little treat in this bag with a quote or scripture to read. 
source here

For their handout I'm going to make these owl bags and inside put a "to do" list, a plastic watch that you find in the party favor section at the dollar store, a package of cookies (tag attached that says "be a smart cookie and use your time wisely") and a quote from the lesson.
(I know it's fast Sunday and I'm giving food but we meet at 3pm and they're big girls that make good choices)
 source here

So come check back Sunday evening to see how the lesson went. If you've given this lesson and have some great ideas I'd love to hear about them. 

duct tape purses

This is a camp craft that I did for just our ward's girls on some down time. I found this idea on Tip Junkie and with all the cute Duct Tape that's out now knew this would be fun. Here is the tutorial I used from Tip Junkie.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

General Conf. notebooks

For General Conference this year I wanted to something fun for my Beehives and when I shared my ideas with the rest of our presidency they were all on board as well. We got together and made all the girls notebooks to take notes in for General Conf. I saw this fabulous idea on Pinterest from A Bushel and a Peck and knew it would be perfect.

I loved the pictures for tabs idea. I used my oval punch to punch out all the pictures. 

 I think they turned out super cute and the girls loved them, hopefully they used them.


Obedience lesson

I taught a lesson on obedience and had a hard time thinking of a handout to go with the lesson. I did my own subway art to make a book mark with all the scriptures from the lesson.


Repentance lesson

This was a handout I used for a repentance lesson. The quote says: "For those who truly desire it, there is a way back. Repentance is like unto a detergent. Even ground-in stains of sins will come out."

I attached it to a bottle of had soap from Bath & Body Works which I found on sale.


Black and White night

Our theme for Young Women in Excellence this year was Black and White, taken from the Jennie Phillip page. The idea was that the gospel is black and white, there are no gray areas with the Lord. As we planned for this we divided up what needed to be done between the classes. The Laurels were in charge of the dessert, the Mia Maids were in charge of the invitations and favors, and the Beehives were in charge of the decorations.

I am 1st counselor at the moment so I had decorations which was great!!! The beehives helped me a ton by making the paper medallions and cutting the tulle for the chairs.

I again used a lot of paper and tissue paper. I made poms in graduating sizes and hung them together as well as cut circles out on my Cricut and stapled those together. The plan was to sew them together but since I don't own a sewing machine I improvised.

Here are the medalions the girls helped make I found the tutorial for them here, super easy and super cute!!

We held this in the YW's room and used class room table to sit at. For the center pieces I used some hurricane vases I had and got candlesticks from Dollar tree and attached them with hot glue (so that I can get them off at some point). I had images of the Salt Lake temple printed on transparencies and fit those inside. I had the girls glue on the gems to the ribbon and attached that to the base. I used a battery tea light inside. Love how they looked!

 The Laurels brought yummy black and white desserts and the cute favor the Mia Maids did was Hershey Kisses with black and white paper circles on the bottom. They packaged them in black and white cupcake papers and wrapped it all up in a cello bag. (wish I would have gotten a picture of those)

Here is just a few shots of the room. I hung my net lights behind white sheets and used the paper medallions to top it off. 

Wishing I still had my chaircover, would have looked fab on the chairs for this event. BUT you make due with what you have and on a budget. 

We kept the program simple. We had a guest speaker (the bishop's wife) talk about how there is no grey area with the Lord and to stay in the light. The girls did a musical number and we had closing remarks from the bishop. After the closing prayer we had dessert and watched a short black and white slideshow of the girls.


Personal Progress Reminders

These are fun reminders you can give to your girls to help them remember to work on their Personal Progress throughout the week.

Using mostly candy and mini chocolate bars

1. I'll bet (100 grand candy bar) you can get another goal done
2. Your heart will be happy when your goals are done (heart candy)
3. Learning to set goals can be a "lifesaver" for your future (lifesaver candy)
4. Enjoy the sun, while getting your goals done (yellow starbursts)
5. Egg-stend yourself. . . . complete another goal (attach a choc. egg)
6. Don't let anyone scare you away from completing your goals this month (halloween candy & plasitc spider)
7. You'll get a "Bang"  out of doing Personal Progress (sparkler or box of pop it's)
8. Just be "Twix" you and me, I think you can do it! Get another goal done (Twix candy bar) 
9. Work Up an Appetite, do more goals. (attach a plastic fork and a gummie food candy)
10. Me & Mom are willing to help you with your goals, just ask (M&M's)
11. Oh JOY! we're back to school and more goals to be done (almond joy)
12. We'll all go Kit Kat Kaboom if you get another goal done (Kit Kat)
13. You will get a whopper of a blessing for getting those goals done (whoppers)
14. Get "hooked" on Personal Progress (candy cane)
15. "Look" who's getting a goal done (Look bar)
16. There's no "Bat"ter time than right now to pass off another goal (plastic bat & some Halloween candy)
17. No one will be "snickering" when you reach your goals (snickers bar)
18. Accomplishing goals makes me smart (smarties)
19. Stick to your goals (pixie stixs or gum)
20. You were "mint" to succeed so keep working on those goals (Jr. Mints)
21. Skittle on home and work on some goals (skittles)" 
22. Yeah "baby" great job on getting another goal done (babyruth)
23. The fun is out of this world if you work on those goals (milkyway bar)
24. The best gift you can give yourself is to complete another goal (wrap a Hershey treasure like a present)
25. Let's go on a goal setting spree (spree candy)
26. Put your heart into it, set those goals (small heart box of chocolate)
27. Don't be a Nerd, everybody is doing their personal progress (box of nerds)
28.Back to school and my goals too (attach to an apple)
29. when school is out and you're feeling (carefree gum), remember to set new goals and spend your time wisely. Chew this gum to help you stick to it!
30. Only Turkey's put off their goals until "Later" when they could do them "Now" (now & Laters)
31. Getting those goals done deserves lots of Hugs and kisses ( chocolate hugs & kisses)
32. You'll get "mounds" of blessings as you do your Personal Progress (mounds candybar)
33. May the "Fruit" or your Harvest of goals be many! (fruit roll up)
34. For every goal you achieve, a treasure you'll receive. ( Treasures candy)
35. Good luck on your Personal Progress (attach shamrock stickers and a green candy)
36. I'll just be bubbling with excitement when you get a goal done (bottle of bubbles or a can of pop)
37. Go nuts and do a bunch of Personal Progress (pkg of nuts)
38. Don't flake out and forget to do your Personal Progress, Keep at it. (mini box of frosted flakes or a snowflake)
39. You'll be bursting with pride when you get one more goal done. (starburst)
40. Stick with it and work on your Personal Progress (gum)
41. Don't wait till "crunch" time to get you goals done (bag of chips or a Nestle crunch bar)
42. Personal Progress is a "snap" let's get to it! ( gingersnap cookie or small box of Rice Krispies)
43. AHOY there, are you working on your Personal Progress? (chips ahoy cookies)


cookie cans

I am loving all the new sizes they are coming out with for the clear paint cans. I found these at Michaels for $2. Cut some scrapbook paper to put inside and on the lid, tie a few ribbons on and there you have a cute little birthday treat or a just because treat. 


Treat cans

 This was the "good luck on your final" treat I brought to all my Beehive during finals week at school. I found the tutorial on Our Best Bites and had so much fun putting them together.



waterbottle pouch

I had seen these cute water bottle pouches on a few sites and thought I'd give them a try. I gave these as teacher gifts but it would be really cute as a handout or "good luck on your hike" treat. (ya know the one, the hike everyone has to go on for camp)


Strawberry buckets

  These were originally VT treats that I took to my ladies but would make great gifts, or handouts as well. I found the buckets at Target in the dollar section and filled with fresh strawberries.


mother daughter dinner

This was our Mother/Daughter dinner we had for one of our activities. I went with a "Picture Perfect" theme. I used frames I found at DI and spray painted them to match. We also had a photo booth for the girls to take pictures with their mom's. Pictures were printed out that night and given to the girls to take home as well as a frame I made for each. 

For the decorations I had to keep it fairly simple and just for the fact that I dread decorating the gym. I used a lot of tissue poms and hung more frames a simple backdrop.

I put my favors for the girls to good use using them as the center pieces on the tables as well. I also added some quotes about mothers and daughters to the cenerpiece.

 As part of the table decorations I had grown grass in my flower pots and added my felt flower.

We had a taco salad bar for dinner as well as chips and salsa on the tables.

We also had a dessert table with mini cheese cakes, mini chocolate cupcakes, & stuffed strawberries.