Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Personal Progress Reminders

These are fun reminders you can give to your girls to help them remember to work on their Personal Progress throughout the week.

Using mostly candy and mini chocolate bars

1. I'll bet (100 grand candy bar) you can get another goal done
2. Your heart will be happy when your goals are done (heart candy)
3. Learning to set goals can be a "lifesaver" for your future (lifesaver candy)
4. Enjoy the sun, while getting your goals done (yellow starbursts)
5. Egg-stend yourself. . . . complete another goal (attach a choc. egg)
6. Don't let anyone scare you away from completing your goals this month (halloween candy & plasitc spider)
7. You'll get a "Bang"  out of doing Personal Progress (sparkler or box of pop it's)
8. Just be "Twix" you and me, I think you can do it! Get another goal done (Twix candy bar) 
9. Work Up an Appetite, do more goals. (attach a plastic fork and a gummie food candy)
10. Me & Mom are willing to help you with your goals, just ask (M&M's)
11. Oh JOY! we're back to school and more goals to be done (almond joy)
12. We'll all go Kit Kat Kaboom if you get another goal done (Kit Kat)
13. You will get a whopper of a blessing for getting those goals done (whoppers)
14. Get "hooked" on Personal Progress (candy cane)
15. "Look" who's getting a goal done (Look bar)
16. There's no "Bat"ter time than right now to pass off another goal (plastic bat & some Halloween candy)
17. No one will be "snickering" when you reach your goals (snickers bar)
18. Accomplishing goals makes me smart (smarties)
19. Stick to your goals (pixie stixs or gum)
20. You were "mint" to succeed so keep working on those goals (Jr. Mints)
21. Skittle on home and work on some goals (skittles)" 
22. Yeah "baby" great job on getting another goal done (babyruth)
23. The fun is out of this world if you work on those goals (milkyway bar)
24. The best gift you can give yourself is to complete another goal (wrap a Hershey treasure like a present)
25. Let's go on a goal setting spree (spree candy)
26. Put your heart into it, set those goals (small heart box of chocolate)
27. Don't be a Nerd, everybody is doing their personal progress (box of nerds)
28.Back to school and my goals too (attach to an apple)
29. when school is out and you're feeling (carefree gum), remember to set new goals and spend your time wisely. Chew this gum to help you stick to it!
30. Only Turkey's put off their goals until "Later" when they could do them "Now" (now & Laters)
31. Getting those goals done deserves lots of Hugs and kisses ( chocolate hugs & kisses)
32. You'll get "mounds" of blessings as you do your Personal Progress (mounds candybar)
33. May the "Fruit" or your Harvest of goals be many! (fruit roll up)
34. For every goal you achieve, a treasure you'll receive. ( Treasures candy)
35. Good luck on your Personal Progress (attach shamrock stickers and a green candy)
36. I'll just be bubbling with excitement when you get a goal done (bottle of bubbles or a can of pop)
37. Go nuts and do a bunch of Personal Progress (pkg of nuts)
38. Don't flake out and forget to do your Personal Progress, Keep at it. (mini box of frosted flakes or a snowflake)
39. You'll be bursting with pride when you get one more goal done. (starburst)
40. Stick with it and work on your Personal Progress (gum)
41. Don't wait till "crunch" time to get you goals done (bag of chips or a Nestle crunch bar)
42. Personal Progress is a "snap" let's get to it! ( gingersnap cookie or small box of Rice Krispies)
43. AHOY there, are you working on your Personal Progress? (chips ahoy cookies)


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