Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lesson 44 Avoiding crisis living

I get to teach this Sunday as it is fast Sunday and a  member of the presidency teaches on this Sunday each month. My lesson is Avoiding crisis living, you can see the whole lesson here .

I am a theme girl through and through. When I prepare my lessons it always helps me to find a theme to go with the lesson. I think the most memerable lessons from when I was in Young Womens  had a theme and so I like to teach that way. 

These are ideas I found that I'm going to use for my lesson. I haven't made mine yet but wanted to share anyway. I'll post my lesson Sunday night with any added quotes, stories, or object lessons that I may find. As well as my handouts and things. I'll also include a free printable of my quotes for anyone who would like to use them.

Any way. . . . .I'm going with an owl theme because one of the lines in the lesson is "using your time WISELY".
 When I'm teaching the entire YW's group or actually any time I'm teaching I make sure everyone gets to participate in the lesson. When I haven't done this and I ask a question or their thoughts you can hear crickets chirpping. This way everyone gets to contribute in some way.

With that being said, I plan on putting a little treat in this bag with a quote or scripture to read. 
source here

For their handout I'm going to make these owl bags and inside put a "to do" list, a plastic watch that you find in the party favor section at the dollar store, a package of cookies (tag attached that says "be a smart cookie and use your time wisely") and a quote from the lesson.
(I know it's fast Sunday and I'm giving food but we meet at 3pm and they're big girls that make good choices)
 source here

So come check back Sunday evening to see how the lesson went. If you've given this lesson and have some great ideas I'd love to hear about them. 

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