Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lesson 15/Manual 1

This next week I do actually get to teach. So here is my start at preparing my lesson. I found a great idea for teaching this lesson by doing it in game form. I'm so thankful for those that are creative like this, I know I wouldn't have thought to do this. Here's her link to "Who Wants to be a Celestial Heir" (who wants to be a millionaire). I hope to also have time to cover a few more points from the lesson about supporting the priesthood. 

 I also saw this great idea to demonstrate using the power of the priesthood at Sugardoodle. This is the link. For the hand out I would attach a cookie to a hand whisk that you can get at the dollar store.  

Or I also found this great idea as well. 

I also love the short video of President Monson speaking about the priesthood which you can find on the side bar to the lesson under media. 

If I have any other bright ideas I'll be sure to update this post. : )

Sunday, April 8, 2012

lesson 14/Manual 1

I realized after talking to some friends of mine that some of you may come here looking for ideas for lessons. I don't teach every week but thought that I would start posting ideas I had for lessons because inevitably one day I will teach these again. So for my own resource in the future I will try to post the lesson coming up the following Sunday on Sunday (does that even make sense?). 

This next Sunday on our wards lesson schedule lesson 14 will be taught. The title of the lesson is Patriarchal Leadership in the Home.
First I would like to say that the resources on the side bar of this lesson are the first place I go for any additional help I may need. I love to use the media that they have provided to add a little variety to my lessons. They also have great talks like THIS one to go along with the lesson and I highly recommend reading those for further inspiration. 

For the beginning of this lesson they have you give the girls a quiz. On Sugardoodle I found a few ladies that turned it into a game instead and had great success, sounds like fun to me. But if you'd like to do the actual quiz I did up a digital version you're welcome to use. It can be found HERE

And of course I would have to have a handout for the girls and right away ties and mustaches popped into my head because this lesson has to do with fathers. 
So here are few ideas I found.

I thought these (only using a more manly colored straw) tied to the "pop" below would be cute. Or you could attach the quotes and stories from the lesson that you want the girls to read to them

Cute. add a tie to a pop bottle and add the saying "you are the best POP" (this is what I'd add the straw to)

Love these mustache suckers. Would be really cute packaged up in a cello bag and tied off with some twine. 

Super cute shirt bags. Great to put a little treat in for dad. 

Also super cute would be these tie cookies. I'd leave out the stick and stick them in a cello bag. 

And last are these cute candy ties. 

I hope this helps anyone else preparing this lesson.