Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lesson 15/Manual 1

This next week I do actually get to teach. So here is my start at preparing my lesson. I found a great idea for teaching this lesson by doing it in game form. I'm so thankful for those that are creative like this, I know I wouldn't have thought to do this. Here's her link to "Who Wants to be a Celestial Heir" (who wants to be a millionaire). I hope to also have time to cover a few more points from the lesson about supporting the priesthood. 

 I also saw this great idea to demonstrate using the power of the priesthood at Sugardoodle. This is the link. For the hand out I would attach a cookie to a hand whisk that you can get at the dollar store.  

Or I also found this great idea as well. 

I also love the short video of President Monson speaking about the priesthood which you can find on the side bar to the lesson under media. 

If I have any other bright ideas I'll be sure to update this post. : )

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