Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lesson 17/Manual 1

I know I didn't post anything for lesson 16 and I'm sorry. But I do have a link for you to a great idea for that lesson so if you need a little inspiration go here to check it out.

Ok with that said, as this coming Sunday is Mother's Day the men come and teach all the classes so that all the women can go to Relief Society for a treat and great lesson. BUT I thought I'd post a few ideas anyway for what this lesson should be, Lesson 17 "The Purpose of Covenants & Ordinances"

First I like the idea of the Payday candy bar that goes with the part of the lesson about not getting paid all the time. So I would attach a mini Payday candy bar to my quotes and scriptures that I would have the girls do during the lesson. 
I think I would also use the video by Quentin L. Cook "Seek the Higher Ground"

Also be sure to read the extra talks on the side bar of the lesson for more great inspiration and insight.

As a hand out I found a cute idea over at "The Three Sweet Peas"  (via Sugardoodle) and she even has the printable for you.
I also thought how covenants are "binding" and thought for a handout I would make a rope bracelet (ya know being bound at the wrists) and attach this scripture Doctrine and Covenants 82:10.

I found some cute bracelets on Pinterest that would be great.

 How to found here

How to found here

This is the source but the how to link didn't work for me, sorry. But being the crafty people you are I'm sure you could work it out on your own.

Hope this helps. : )


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