Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Beginnings Program

I have had a few different requests as to how our program is going to go for our New Beginnings, "Stand Ye in Holy Places & be not MOOOOved"

One of my counselors brought this idea to our planning meeting and the girls really liked it. 
We are going to have each of the girls take a picture of their "Holy Place" and I will collect them so that I'll have them ready for them for the program. 
I think she found the original idea here if you'd like to take a closer look.

So as each of the girls are doing their part in the program they will also be telling us why this is their "Holy Place".  We will then add their pictures to our wall in our YW room around other temple pictures and a framed sign of our theme for the year. 

Here's a rough outline of our program:

Conducting ~ Laurel class pres.

Opening hymn~ How firm a foundation
Opening prayer~ Beehive

Welcome & brief explanation of the PP program ~ YW Pres.

Introduction of new beehives

Motto/Logo ~ Beehive
Theme ~ Beehive

Introductions of Values
Divine Nature~
Individual Worth~
Choice & Accountability~
Good Works~

Holy Places

Musical Number

Short Skit

Bishop remarks

Closing Hymn ~ As Zions Youth
Closing Prayer ~

I do not have our skit yet, a good friend is still working on it but I'll be sure to post, if she's given me permission, when it's done.

When the girls are doing their Values they will be telling why it's their holy place and how that value can help them be not moved from it. 

Anyone who doesn't have a part in the program will be coming up to tell us about their Holy place. 
We will be posting these on the wall in the room where we are holding New Beginnings and then moved to our YW room. 

I think that's all I can tell you for now. I'd love to hear or see others evenings as well so please leave me a link in the comments section. : )

Have fun!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 B-day gift

This year for the girls birthday gift we had a a hard time coming up with an idea we loved. We wanted it to be something we could do up and have in our cupboard and ready for the year, so food was out. We did fuzzy socks last year and we liked the idea of going along with the theme for the year. SO. . . . . we decided on mini pedi kits in a jar, some thing to help their feet look cute while they're standing in those holy places. ; )

In our jars we put cotton balls, a foot file, a nail file, lotion, clippers, cuticle stick, polish remover, toe separaters, nail polish, and a foot scrub. 

The green items and the clippers and cuticle stick all came in a package which I found at Dollar Tree, the mini nail polish I found at Sally's, the foot scrub and remover are found at Walgreens in the travel size section and the lotion was in the dollar bins at Target.

 I made a tag with the theme on it to attach to the jar and a paper flower. 

 I put a large cupcake paper on top and their name.

I think they turned out pretty cute and I hope the girls will love them

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Beginnings 2013

I have seen a lot of great ideas out there to go with this years theme "Stand Ye In Holy Places and Be Not Move" 

Most of them have to do with shoes but since we did a High Heels High Standards night with in the last 6 months I thought we'd go a different direction. 

So I was racking my brain as to what else we could do and this theme came to me. 

We would add a colored ribbon around this and put a milk bottle name tag on it as well.

With this we will do a cookies and milk theme for the refreshments and decorate in black and white and possibly pops of one other color. We are still putting it all together so these are just inspiration photo's I've found.  I'm also envisioning chalkboard labels, and prints and tin pails. 

I'd love to see what everyone is doing for New Beginnings. I can always use more ideas for other events this year using the theme. 

**Update~ We have worked out the basics for our program so I'm going to add the link to that post for anyone looking. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Murder Mystery Dinner

The Laurels were in charge of our joint activity for Nov. and they loved the idea of a Murder Mystery dinner. They wanted to take it one step further by making the menu a mystery too. We used this Book of Mormon Mystery outline that I found on Pinterest and it was perfect. 

Here's what the girls named the things on the menu
Salad = dead leaves (everyone got this)
They chose from the following for the toppings
Birdseed = croutons
Maggots = cheese
Slug trails = tomatos
Toad legs = cucumbers
Zombie eyes = olives

Then for the next course everyone got Goblin Intestines (spaghetti) 
and they could add any of the following
Mold = sliced bread
Vampire repellent = garlic bread
dandruff = pram cheese

For dessert everyone received Mushy Brains (ice cream)
They got to choose what went on it
Car oil = hot fudge
scabs = strawberries
rat teeth = nuts
rabie foam = whip cream
ants = sprinkles
slime = bananas
troll snot = caramel sauce

They also got to choose their drink and utensils
Drink choices were
Sewer water = hot chocolate
Acid = water
flkj(*^$)$#)( = lemonade

Cup choices
Vase = plastic cup
Test Tube = sm dixie cup
Beaker = sippy cup

Fork choices
Rake = fork
Spears = chopsticks
Pitchfork = tongs
Devils fork = spatula

Spoon choices
Witches broom = baby spoon
pooper scooper = serving spoon
shovel = regular spoon
dead hand = ice cream scoop

Plate choices
magic mirror = glass plate
Spell book = zoo plate
coffin = foil pan
disecting tray = cookie sheet

Bowl choices (we just used this for the ice cream and everyone got a paper bowl for the salad)
Skull caps = bowl
cauldron = candy dish
dog dish = large serving bowl
shattered glass = waffle cone bowl

The girls had a great time planning this and acted as servers on our activity night. 
I had great help in the kitchen deciphering the orders. 

 We assigned everyone a spot at a table so that we would have a good mix of boys and girls as well as younger and older. We also assigned a leader to each table to be the person to hand out the clues and help the discusion.

It turned out to be a really fun evening and it's back on the calendar for the new year. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

YW Christmas gift

For our gift to the YW this Christmas we decided to give UNO cards with this little tag attached. I saw the original idea here.

Of course I needed to package them cute so I made up a little purse to hold them in. 

I think they turned out pretty cute. 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Theme

What an exciting year this is going to be. With the new ciriculum and our new theme for the year, it promises to be a year full of growth and fun. 

This is a page I did up for my presidency folders or to put on our wall in our YW room. 

Photobucketyou can download it here if you're interested.