Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Beginnings Program

I have had a few different requests as to how our program is going to go for our New Beginnings, "Stand Ye in Holy Places & be not MOOOOved"

One of my counselors brought this idea to our planning meeting and the girls really liked it. 
We are going to have each of the girls take a picture of their "Holy Place" and I will collect them so that I'll have them ready for them for the program. 
I think she found the original idea here if you'd like to take a closer look.

So as each of the girls are doing their part in the program they will also be telling us why this is their "Holy Place".  We will then add their pictures to our wall in our YW room around other temple pictures and a framed sign of our theme for the year. 

Here's a rough outline of our program:

Conducting ~ Laurel class pres.

Opening hymn~ How firm a foundation
Opening prayer~ Beehive

Welcome & brief explanation of the PP program ~ YW Pres.

Introduction of new beehives

Motto/Logo ~ Beehive
Theme ~ Beehive

Introductions of Values
Divine Nature~
Individual Worth~
Choice & Accountability~
Good Works~

Holy Places

Musical Number

Short Skit

Bishop remarks

Closing Hymn ~ As Zions Youth
Closing Prayer ~

I do not have our skit yet, a good friend is still working on it but I'll be sure to post, if she's given me permission, when it's done.

When the girls are doing their Values they will be telling why it's their holy place and how that value can help them be not moved from it. 

Anyone who doesn't have a part in the program will be coming up to tell us about their Holy place. 
We will be posting these on the wall in the room where we are holding New Beginnings and then moved to our YW room. 

I think that's all I can tell you for now. I'd love to hear or see others evenings as well so please leave me a link in the comments section. : )

Have fun!



  1. do you have the skit to share?

    1. I do, it's in a newer post here:

      it's near the bottom of the post. Have fun!