Monday, January 7, 2013

Murder Mystery Dinner

The Laurels were in charge of our joint activity for Nov. and they loved the idea of a Murder Mystery dinner. They wanted to take it one step further by making the menu a mystery too. We used this Book of Mormon Mystery outline that I found on Pinterest and it was perfect. 

Here's what the girls named the things on the menu
Salad = dead leaves (everyone got this)
They chose from the following for the toppings
Birdseed = croutons
Maggots = cheese
Slug trails = tomatos
Toad legs = cucumbers
Zombie eyes = olives

Then for the next course everyone got Goblin Intestines (spaghetti) 
and they could add any of the following
Mold = sliced bread
Vampire repellent = garlic bread
dandruff = pram cheese

For dessert everyone received Mushy Brains (ice cream)
They got to choose what went on it
Car oil = hot fudge
scabs = strawberries
rat teeth = nuts
rabie foam = whip cream
ants = sprinkles
slime = bananas
troll snot = caramel sauce

They also got to choose their drink and utensils
Drink choices were
Sewer water = hot chocolate
Acid = water
flkj(*^$)$#)( = lemonade

Cup choices
Vase = plastic cup
Test Tube = sm dixie cup
Beaker = sippy cup

Fork choices
Rake = fork
Spears = chopsticks
Pitchfork = tongs
Devils fork = spatula

Spoon choices
Witches broom = baby spoon
pooper scooper = serving spoon
shovel = regular spoon
dead hand = ice cream scoop

Plate choices
magic mirror = glass plate
Spell book = zoo plate
coffin = foil pan
disecting tray = cookie sheet

Bowl choices (we just used this for the ice cream and everyone got a paper bowl for the salad)
Skull caps = bowl
cauldron = candy dish
dog dish = large serving bowl
shattered glass = waffle cone bowl

The girls had a great time planning this and acted as servers on our activity night. 
I had great help in the kitchen deciphering the orders. 

 We assigned everyone a spot at a table so that we would have a good mix of boys and girls as well as younger and older. We also assigned a leader to each table to be the person to hand out the clues and help the discusion.

It turned out to be a really fun evening and it's back on the calendar for the new year. 


  1. I am agree with your Blog.Thanks for the useful information.Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.

  2. My youth church group is trying to plan an activity. I came across this game a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be really fun. I hope that this activity turns out and that everyone has a good time.

  3. Hi there! Cute idea! Where did you get the template for the menu?