Sunday, March 5, 2017

Primary lesson 5 manual for 8-10yr olds

I was lucky enough to be asked to teach my daughters primary class today. I miss Primary.

This lesson was on the publication of the Book of Mormon and it's importance in our lives. As I'm reading through the lesson I felt that they needed to know how hard it was to publish as well as all the trials they had to go through just to get it published. I also wanted them to realize what a blessing it is just to hold it in their hands and how we can show Heavenly Father that we're thankful for it by reading it. 

I created a reading chart from one I found at The Redheaded Hostess as well as a book mark to match to help motivate the girls to read. 

You can find these HERE if you'd like to use them.

 And HERE if you'd like the reading chart.

I also did a matching game for the question part of the lesson. 

this was the backside for these so that they could read through the paper. You can get both HERE & HERE

For a little treat for them to take home I made them a rainbow with gold at the end out of Twizzlers and some Hershey nuggets with a little topper attached that read "We are so LUCKY to have the Book of Mormon today. 

You can find the toppers HERE