Monday, May 28, 2012

Handouts for Lesson 19

Sorry this is coming so late but allergies got the best of me this weekend and I almost didn't teach this lesson. But I toughed it out and it all went really well. 

On my table I had a canning jar, a couple of the journal jars I'd made, an old black & white picture, a few of my journals, and a violin (goes with the story in the lesson). 

I had the journal entries in the lesson printed out separately and the girls each took turns reading an entry. I also printed out questions from the lesson so that everyone would participate. 
This is what I attached to each quote/question from the lesson that the girls got. Needless to say everyone was anxious to help out with the lesson. 

These are Hershey Nuggets covered with a "journal entry" I created in Photoshop. 

I found a background paper that looked like lined notebook paper, chose a font that looked like handwriting (I used Pea Valerie), and wrote a little entry. This is one strip of paper over both nuggets. Then attach them to a dark brown card stock and add a little ribbon for a book mark. 

This is what my entry said

As a handout I made each girl a journal jar to help encourage them to write in their journals even when they feel like they have nothing to write about. 

 I wanted a antique kind of feel for the jars so I used burlap and lace and made my paper flower out of graduating circle punches. 
The quote I attached to the jars is the one found at the end of the lesson. 

 You can find my inspiration for these things as well as the questions for the jars on my first Lesson 19 post.

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