Monday, May 14, 2012

Lesson 18/Manual 1

Wow, I feel this lesson is one of the most important in the manual. It has also been one of the most fun to teach. Fun because every girl dreams of her wedding day, and to watch them talk about it and plan for it is amazing. So important because this decision will affect the rest of their lives. And because this is such an important decision in their lives I put a lot of effort into this lesson to help make an impression in their minds, to help them remember.

I've taught this lesson before and can still remember some things I did each time I've taught it. I didn't do EVERY thing in one lesson but over the course of teaching this a few different times. 
I have set up the room in white, white table cloth, white tulle, white framed temple pictures, white flowers, etc. I've also placed out my wedding pictures, and wedding dress. 

I've attached fake wedding rings to the quotes and scriptures I'd prepared for the girls to read. (Check out the wedding sections at your local Michaels and Joann stores)
I have also made a quote from the lesson look like a wedding announcement or made up a wedding announcement with their name on it and left a blank where it said "in the ________Temple" so that they could picture what it could be like. 

Here are some fun ideas for handouts as well that I of course found on Pinterest. 

This would be a great thing to frame so that they can place it in their rooms as a reminder

These would be fun to make as well and I have a place you can find these clear boxes to put them in. They don't look too difficult, maybe just a little time consuming. Circle cookies in graduating sizes stacked like a wedding cake. 

This one is also something I think each girl would keep forever and be very special to them. 

This is such a cute way to do a candy ring pop
this is my source from Pinterest but I can't find it on the blog it lead to

I hope you have as much fun with this lesson as I have in the past. This week is Ward conf. for us so we won't be teaching but I'd love to hear what everyone else did for this lesson to make it special. Please be sure to read the added articles on the side bar for more inspiration and direction.

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  1. What quote did you use and make into a wedding announcement? I love that idea!