Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black and White night

Our theme for Young Women in Excellence this year was Black and White, taken from the Jennie Phillip page. The idea was that the gospel is black and white, there are no gray areas with the Lord. As we planned for this we divided up what needed to be done between the classes. The Laurels were in charge of the dessert, the Mia Maids were in charge of the invitations and favors, and the Beehives were in charge of the decorations.

I am 1st counselor at the moment so I had decorations which was great!!! The beehives helped me a ton by making the paper medallions and cutting the tulle for the chairs.

I again used a lot of paper and tissue paper. I made poms in graduating sizes and hung them together as well as cut circles out on my Cricut and stapled those together. The plan was to sew them together but since I don't own a sewing machine I improvised.

Here are the medalions the girls helped make I found the tutorial for them here, super easy and super cute!!

We held this in the YW's room and used class room table to sit at. For the center pieces I used some hurricane vases I had and got candlesticks from Dollar tree and attached them with hot glue (so that I can get them off at some point). I had images of the Salt Lake temple printed on transparencies and fit those inside. I had the girls glue on the gems to the ribbon and attached that to the base. I used a battery tea light inside. Love how they looked!

 The Laurels brought yummy black and white desserts and the cute favor the Mia Maids did was Hershey Kisses with black and white paper circles on the bottom. They packaged them in black and white cupcake papers and wrapped it all up in a cello bag. (wish I would have gotten a picture of those)

Here is just a few shots of the room. I hung my net lights behind white sheets and used the paper medallions to top it off. 

Wishing I still had my chaircover, would have looked fab on the chairs for this event. BUT you make due with what you have and on a budget. 

We kept the program simple. We had a guest speaker (the bishop's wife) talk about how there is no grey area with the Lord and to stay in the light. The girls did a musical number and we had closing remarks from the bishop. After the closing prayer we had dessert and watched a short black and white slideshow of the girls.


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