Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lesson 43 Association with Others

Last Sunday my advisor was out of town for the holiday which meant I got to teach my sweet Beehives. The lesson was Association with Others which you can find hereI love Sugardoodle and find that it is my go to place to see what others have done.

Of course I had to have a theme for my lesson and it came from the quote "No man is an island". Can you guess what is was ?. . . . . yep an "Island" theme. 

I attached the quotes and scriptures I had them read to plastic leis I found at Dollar Tree, I also had a very flowery table cloth and palm trees on my signage that was posted on the board. 
I gave the lesson according to the manual but added a few "situations" to demonstrate the danger of judging others. This is the link for the added situations from YW connection.

For their handout I really liked this idea from Carolyn (which I also found on Sugardoodle) about not boxing yourself in and sharing your talents. I found some cute little boxes at Party City in the clearance section added some chocolate gold coins and did up her quote in a tropical way and voila!
you can download these here for free. If you have problems downloading them please leave me a comment and I'll send it to you directly.


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