Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Beginnings invite

I can't believe how fast New Beginnings is coming up. This last week was all about working on getting the invites ready to hand out on Sunday. I designed the paper invite in Photoshop and had them copied at Office Max. 

Once they were printed I thought they needed a little sparkle so I added some glitter around the "sunny" and love how it turned out. 

I originally thought I wanted to do little boxes to put the invite in but decided that the bag was just as cute. I added some lemon heads for a little extra sunshine. 

 I found a sunshine on a cartridge for my Cricut that worked perfectly.

 Already to go. 

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  1. Ok I LOOOVE this!! We are doing a 'Create Your Own Sunshine' theme for our ywie next month. Do you still have the invite saved?? Would you be able to email it to me?? :) do you have another post somewhere with the actual evening? I'd love to see your details! Thanks so much Tiffany!! Xoxo Marci