Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mission Impossible ~Unity

At our last Presidency meeting the concern of unity among our girls came up. We sat and brainstormed a few ideas that I think will help bring them together but most of what we thought of isn't going to happen until later in the summer. We also felt with camp approaching quickly we needed to do something right away. The idea that came was that they need to get to know each other better, to mix more with those they don't already associate with daily. We thought we should give them questions to find out about a certain girl and preform a small act of service, and that this would help bring them together and maybe help with the unity at camp. 

Well I couldn't see just handing them a slip of paper with some questions on it so I came up with a little fun to add to this idea.

Mission Impossible 
(because right now it seems impossible to get these girls to reach outside themselves)

Each girl received an envelope with her mission inside as well as some helpful  tools. 
This is the mission letter each girl received and you can download a copy here and insert girls names on your own. 

And their questions they needed to find out as well as the small act of service. you can download a copy here

Each packet also had a small note book, fake teeth, and Poprocks explosives, that I found at Dollar Tree

the warning labels can be downloaded here

At the end of the time allotted to complete their mission we will have a spy activity where they get to play silly spy games like a laser obstacle course

pin the gunshot on the target

hot potato using a "bomb"

or defuse the bombs before they explode (balloon stomp)

and maybe a few more fun ones. They will also report on their assignment at the activity. 
Between now and the end date they will have weekly activities, camp & a fun road trip to find out about their target. 

We hope this will help bring some unity to our YW and that they will have a greater love for those around them. 


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  1. I love this idea and I'm using it for my young women. Thank you for the time you've put into this and sharing it as well. However, the site you've chosen for people to download from is incredibly spammy! I tried downloading your files and my computer ended up with junk on it. Please choose another site besides 4shared.com!