Tuesday, December 27, 2011

mother/daughter activity

I've been collecting ideas for a mother daughter activity. Last year we did a dinner and game for our mother/daughter activity, this year I'm thinking spa party. 

I've found some great ideas out there on the web so this is just my idea board.

supplies: nail polish, lotion, files, cotton balls, Q-tips, towels, headbands, bowls, polish remover, cucumbers, facial masks, clippers, toe separators, cutical sticks

these invites are adorable and perfect!!

 I loved the idea of the mom's and girls doing the treatments on each other. 
here is a cute soak and nail station. She also had a facial station with an oatmeal mask and cucumbers for the eyes.

You'll also need some soothing music and water sounds, as well as low lights in the facial station. use battery tea lights or twinkle lights

Can also decorate with louffa's

I thought this was a cute idea for the nail station

I loved these flip flops and thought they'd be fun to have for the girls and their moms

A scrub would be a great take home for each of the girls and their moms

I also thought we could have a make-up station where the girls could get tips on make-up and skin care

We could also make lip gloss 

and of course there has to be food. these veggies and dip would be perfect and add some mini water bottles and we're set. 
 sorry I couldn't find the source for this one, if anyone knows it's origin please let me know

I also thought these might be great favors for a take home, nail polish in cupcake holders
or do swag bags with all the fun things in them

another cute favor idea

I've seen nail kits at the dollar store with toe seporaters, files and clippers so that each girl would have something to use. 
could also find hand towels at the dollar store to use. 

What to do with mom's with more than one daughter???? Leaders step in? 


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  1. So funny that I happened to find your blog today and saw my nail kit on your blog! What a fun activity idea!!~Rachel Ricks