Friday, December 23, 2011

Personal Progress Activity

I found the idea for this activity on Sugardoodle. It actually turned out to be a great night and the girls got some goals planned and others signed off.
It's called a Ketchup Night, where we "ketchup" on some Personal Progress. I had the beehives over to my home and they brought their books so we could look over what they still need to do and so that I could see if there was anything we could do as an activity to help. 
We had french fries and tater tots as a treat to go with our "ketchup" I also made up a mark off sheet for those two week goals to help them track their time spent on it. 
We'll be having these nights a few times a year to keep us current on the girls progress.

This is the goal tracking sheet I made up you can download it here if you'd like.
here is a blank copy of the invite I made for the night. I had them printed out as photo's at Walmart which is cheaper than doing a color copy. You can add your info in the blank space.  I went to McDonalds and just asked for as many ketchup packages that I need and they gave them to me for free.
download it here


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  1. I saw this invitation on Pinterest, so I came to your blog and read all about it. I am the PP Advisor, and I needed to get caught up, this was perfect. I downloaded the invitation and used the katchup packets. They turned out so cute. I had 16 girls and 4 leaders come to my house. We ate hot dogs, hashbrowns, tator tots, and several varieties of french fries. It was fabulous! While I talked to each girl individually, the others split into groups and worked on experiences, and helped each other. Thank you soooo much for posting the idea and invitation. It was a lot of fun, and they are still talking about it!