Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Camp Crafts

I am not the camp director or over crafts at camp but each year we do a craft as a ward on some down time so these are general ideas for crafts you could do at camp. I found these on Pinterest (one of the most wonderful places ever, but also the worst because it eats up all my time!) and I'm sure I'll be adding to these as I see more great ideas. 

This one is a stove burner cover that you can get at the dollar store. Cover it with fabric or scrapbook paper, spray paint to match, add ribbon to hang.(not necessarily in that order) You can also make magnets to match using the clear glass rocks.
source: Madigan Made

This is a washer necklace. Two different size washers cover in scrapbook paper or fabric, cover in Modge Podge and embellish.

Cuff bracelets. stamped aluminum

Ruffle Knotted head band
source: Sugardoodle

Bubble gum necklace

 bracelets form tounge depressors
 source: not sure where this one came from, if someone knows please leave me a comment so that I can give credit where do.

Washer bracelet

Youth books book buckle
source: Sassy Sites

pom pom pens
source: Our Scoop

mason jar lanterns~these would be great with the theme this year


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