Thursday, December 15, 2011

Caroling with a twist

Do your youth go caroling every year? Is it painful to go and watch? It usually is for me. Most don't like to sing, they try to hide in the back so that they won't be noticed, and usually unorganized and no one knows what song they're singing.

Well this year we're trying something different. My mom was YW Pres in her ward  while back and this was something they've done and had great success. Lucky for me (& you) she could tell me any tips or quirks that needed to be worked out.

The idea of this is to make them think if they reject the Savior in their lives or are their hearts fully open to him. 

You will need: 4 homes willing to participate (helpful if they're fairly close together)
Some where to gather after caroling
4 plates of treats/cookies
songs to be sung & words typed out
Music~ Amy Grant-Breath of Heaven
The Nativity Video
some way to play the music and watch the video/ projector
A couple to play Mary and Joseph and a some one willing to let you borrow their fairly new baby.

Now we haven't done this yet so I'm going from notes I took while my mom told me about it. So I'll post again once we've done this to let you know how it went and any other tips I may have

1st house you carol to: They kindly listen & take the goodie. (this is so the youth aren't tipped off right away that somethings up)

2nd house you carol to: someone opens the door takes the cookies and closes the door, they don't speak at all.

 3rd house you carol to: this person ins on the phone when they answer the door and they tell them they don't have time right now, I'm in a hurry. Closes the door.

4th house you carol to: This person opens the door and is more interested with whats on the TV. Eventually they go and sit back down in front of the TV. They come back to close the door and say that they can't hear while they're singing.

***Tips for the caroling part: make sure those at the door talk loud enough so that everyone can hear. Also make sure everyone is at the door before you knock to sing. Make sure that those participating at the houses are willing to take their part seriously and are willing to be rude.

After the last house everyone should be silent while you go to your end meeting place. This place should be big enough for everyone to fit and be able to watch the video. Be sure the leaders know that everyone is suppose to be quiet during this time and once they arrive at your meeting place. Have them sit down quietly. Maybe have quiet music playing in the background.

Have your Mary and Joseph come out carrying the baby (the baby should only have on a plain diaper and a plain white blanket, try to avoid binkies to help with the affect, also doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl) Mary and Joseph should also be dressed the part. 
This part should be fairly unscripted. Have them talk about the wonder of what has just happened, the star, Shepard, who their child is, how people will hate and reject him, what he will have to suffer, etc.
Then as a way to get Mary and Joseph "off stage" have Joseph say he needs to check on the animals and have Mary go out with him (just an example).

***Tips for this part: be sure Mary and Joseph talk loud enough. Be sure the baby is fed and changed right before. Don't have anything on the baby to make it look modern in any way.

After they've left immediately start the video with the music playing over it instead of the videos sound. Once the video is done have the bishop BRIEFLY talk about the reality of Christ and by our actions are we inviting him in or rejecting him. 

Then after serve some nice refreshments. We'll be doing a small cocoa bar with mini doughnuts. 
They key is to keep this from the youth, all they know is that they're going caroling.
I also found this on Pinterest (which came from an Etsy shop here) and thought it would be a fitting handout. I'd tie this around some "hay/straw" for them to take home.
 if you have any questions about this activity please feel free to comment or email me (you can find my email on my sidebar). OR if you do this activity I'd love to know how it went.



  1. I love this idea and want to try this this year w/ our YW group- but I have a question about the video- what is the reason to play the music over the video? Does it provide a different reaction to what happened as they caroled? or just a different spirit? Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I don't know if the above unknown blogger has done this with their yw group or not, I can testify to the effect of the video with the song. It is very powerful when done together. More powerful than the video alone. I have done it several times.