Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Calling

Big things have changed in my life and I am back to teaching again. This time in Primary. I've decided it can be just as much fun to teach there as in YW's. I also decided I need a lot more help. I currently teach the CTR 7's and they are harder to keep on track than Beehives. When planning a lesson I look for ways to mix it up and make it interesting so I'm not just sitting in front of them talking. I have appreciated the help and ideas I've found so far but realize there is just not much out there for Primary teachers.

   Which brings me to where am I am now. I have only been teaching for a few weeks so far but I decided it was time to share. So on the side of my blog you will find a Primary button that will direct you to all my primary lessons. I hope it helps!


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