Sunday, October 4, 2015

Temples and eternal families~Lesson 35

Lesson from the manual

This was a fun lesson to do. I used the idea that our life here on earth is part of the journey to living with Heavenly Father and our families forever. So for our journey we were going to be taking a plane ride. 

I had the room set up with the chairs in two's creating seating on an airplane. This lesson landed on a fast sunday, if it had not I would have had mini water bottles and a small bag of nuts on their chairs as well. On the walls I had placed these pictures of temples. 

 I created these so it looked like you were sitting in a plane looking out the window at the temples. 
They sat like this for the entire class. 

This is the flight plan I had for each of them so they knew where we were going.

I did an object lesson about families being sealed in the temple which I found HERE

When I got to the part of the lesson about how they can prepare to go to the temple I used it like we were going to pack our bags. What were we going to bring with us or how were we going to get ready. 

These were what we packed and the suitcase to pack them in. I printed out the suit case at Costco at 12x18 size and the rest on regular printer paper. 

I also found a great idea of things we can't bring with us or things that will stop us from getting through security. Because we all know you can't bring water bottles through. We wrote what these things were on the water bottles. 

For the handout I made small suitcases out of paper and in them were a "temple recommend" with the words to  "I love to see the temple" on the  back. I also laminated  these. I also put in a small bag of nuts since we didn't have them during class. 

I also included this list

And this was the logo I put on the front of the suitcase

This is where I got the instructions for the suitcase. 

And of course our newsletter for the lesson

You can find all the files for this lesson HERE


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