Sunday, October 4, 2015

Showing Love for Jesus Christ ~Lesson 36

Lesson from the manual

Sometimes it's hard to teach these lessons to my 7/8 yr olds. They are still young enough to need these basic principles taught to them but some times they way they are presented in the lesson seem a little young. In this lesson it suggest to hide some clues in the room and have the children find them. Well we all know that class rooms are small and have few to no hiding places. So I decide to make a punch board and to put the clues in there. THIS is a great idea on making one with pictures to show how they did it.  It was HUGE success.

These are my printables for this lesson~

I placed a picture of Christ in the middle of the chalkboard and put the hearts around him. 

As part of the challenge at the end of the lesson I gave each child 3 hearts that I punched out of paper and told them to do a service for someone in their family and then place this heart on their pillow. 

We also played Bingo with jellybeans.  you can download my bingo cards HERE. I have 8 different cards.

For the handout for this lesson I made Dr. bags. I got the idea HERE with also the instructions on what to fill it with

These were my tags for the front of the bags
And these were what I put in the bags 

You can download all the printable for this lesson HERE


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