Thursday, October 8, 2015

Showing Love for our parents~ lesson 39

I am always looking for a theme to go with my lesson. Sometimes the choice is obvious and other times I have to get creative. This lesson was the creative route.

I went with I "Mustache" how can we show love for our parents.

Before church starts I have the opportunity to go set my classroom up which is a HUGE help for me. So under each chair I put half of a mustache that I cut out of black paper and on the back of that paper were scriptures. They will have to find their other half and then with that person fill out a short questionnaire about what they read.

As class starts I am going to try and be sneaky and put on a fake mustache (which you can find at the Dollar tree) and start the lesson. After the giggles are done I'll have them each put one on as well and we'll proceed with the lesson. If they are irreverent or disrespectful they loose their mustache. (which they will be instructed as I hand them out)

I am altering the lesson a little by adding a sharing time activity idea I found and replacing the part

Moroni Showed Love for His Father. I felt like I needed more activity in my lesson, it felt like a lot of me talking and I wanted to engage the kids more. 

This is the activity I am using:
 Divide the children into small groups. Give each group one of the following scripture references: (1) 1 Nephi 3:heading, 1–9; 4:6–14 [1 Ne. 3:1–9; 1 Ne. 4:6–14]. (2) Jacob 7:27; Enos 1:1–5. (3) Mosiah 27:14, Mosiah 32. (4) Alma 36:heading; Alma 37:1–2, 14; preface to 45–62; Alma 62:45. (5) Alma 38:1–4, 10:preface, heading; Alma 63:1–2. Instruct them to answer the following questions: (1) Who is speaking, or whom is being spoken of? (2) Who are the parents? (3) What is one thing the parents taught? (4) Did the child respect, honor, and love the parents by following their teachings? (5) What happened when this person followed the teachings of the parents? Have one member of each group report the answers to the questions.

These are my words trips for the chalkboard

For the handout I found a mustache chocolate sucker mold at Michaels that I'll make for each of them with this tags attached. 

And of course our newsletter for the week. 

All my printables can be downloaded HERE


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