Monday, July 30, 2012

lesson 32/ Manual 1

Brother Holland's talk on Personal Purity covers the "why's" and would be a great addition to this lesson. I know it always helped me understand a principle when I knew the why behind it.

I would begin my lesson with this video. 

HERE is the link to YouTube for the video. 

This is the video that they shared at our girls camp and i LOVED it!!! So cute and makes such a good point. 

You can then do the same thing for the girls so they get a first hand experience of what it feels like to wait for something better. Then at the end of the lesson have the cupcake wrapped in a box like in the video. Also attach a quote from the lesson or use  "when we exercise self control, we will receive "sweet" rewards".

And so my theme for the lesson would be cupcakes. 

You can find the cupcake boxes at either Hobby Lobby or I believe Michael's or you can find them online 
This one can be found here

And this one can be found here

I love this Mormon add. How many times do we rationalize things so that we don't feel guilty. 

This Mormon ad reminds me of a story I've heard but can't give credit for because I can't remember where exactly I heard it. Anyway the story goes that there was a family, and in this family there were some teens. One day they wanted to go see this movie and their dad asked them what it was about and if it was appropriate. They told him about the movie, how the best actors were in this movie and how the plot was amazing and that there was maybe a little of "this" (swearing) and a little of "that" (sex) in the movie and that it wasn't that big of a deal. So they dad said well let me think about it and I'll get back to you. Well to teach his children an important lesson he made a batch of brownies. He followed the recipe but added just a little bit of dog poo in it. He then met with his kid again and said that if they would eat this brownie he would let them see the movie. He told them about how he used the best chocolate in it and that it was baked perfectly but it may have a little bit of dog poo in it. 

What a great illustration of how just a little of anything inappropriate can ruin some thing and that you would never put something like that in your body. 

I would also put cupcakes on my quotes and stories I would have the girls read. I've seen cupcake shaped lip gloss in the $ section at Michael's that would be cute as well. 

Have a great lesson



  1. Love the video! Where can I find it on YouTube?

    1. Carrie, I just googled Worth Waiting for on Youtube and found this video. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by my blog. ; )