Sunday, July 1, 2012

Girls Camp 2012~ our camp

What an amazing week I had at Girls Camp.  I laughed, sang, cried, sang some more, and hiked.
As I've said in a previous post our theme was the general theme for the youth this year, Arise and Shine Forth. Our stake had each ward randomly draw a song title from a hat and that song title was then our ward's theme at camp. We also learned three more songs to sing as a whole group while at camp.
Each night at flag the ward in charge sang their song as part of the flag cerimony. It was wonderful to hear each ward sing their song and help bring the spirit into camp. 

Our ward's song was Lighthouse in the Night and so we went for a nautical theme. Here are a few things I did to cute up our camp site. 

I found these cute hooks at Michaels in their dollar bins. I hung quotes I had printed out on them on a couple of trees in our camp site. 

These were the girls mailboxes for their secret sister gifts. One of our camp leaders made the fence and the cans to hang on the fence. 

Another one of the camp leaders had her husband make this lighthouse to be placed at the entrance to our camp site. All the stars you see stuck to it represent an act of service one of the girls provide. Each night at flag each ward would turn in how many stars their ward had gotten for the day and we would see the grand total for the camp for the day. It was a great motivation for the girls to look for ways to help out while we were there.  And yes it actually lit up at night, very cool. : )

This is our wards flag that one of our YW designed and did. Amazing.

 The Saturday before camp actually started we headed up to set up tents and pop up covers and cots so that when we got up there on Tuesday we could get right into what they had planned. So I took the opportunity to measure off where I wanted to put the pennents and then went home that night and glued on the pre-measured twine all the fabric I had already cut out. I LOVED how it looked and so did the girls. 

This was a huge impact with little effort. I had gotten four 2yd pieces of fabric adn pinned it up inside the pop up with corsage pins and then tied it back with some cute ribbon. Will be doing this again next year for sure. 

inside that big pop up I strung more of the pennents.

I also made this banner for the front of our large pop up, unfortunately it didn't survive the wind very well. Although it did make it three days before three of the letters blew off. 

 here are the fabric streamers I did I love the effect and the pop of color it brought to our campsite. My husband said it looked like it should go in a circus tent, I can see that but it worked for this as well. 
PhotobucketWe were blessed with sunshine all week and it was beautiful. Unfortunately we were also blessed with really strong winds. When we went back up on Tuesday we had lost a smaller pop up cover which was mangled by the wind, and a tent. The wind was so strong that it blew the tent into the campsite across the way, two cots and four storage bins included. The cots had actually ripped through the side of the tent on it's way over. Seriously crazy wind. Luckily we didn't have any more damage the rest of the week, unfortunately other wards did. 

But wind aside it was a wonderful week and I am blessed to have been able to go and experience it with the young women of our ward. 

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