Monday, July 16, 2012

lesson 27/manual 1

So many good things to go along with this lesson. 
First of course I need something to put with my quotes and scriptures that I have the girls do during the lesson. 

I love "Find Joy in the scriptures" (attach a mini Almond Joy) and it would be perfect to go on the quotes.

I found a video through Sugardoodle that I would use during the lesson. It's Elder Holland testifying of the importance of scriptures here's where you can find it.

I also found through Sugardoodle a Spiritual Directory that would be perfect for the girls to attach to the front page of their scriptures

here's where you can get it.

As for a handout I had a couple things come to mind. At the end of the lesson is a bookmark of a key for each of the girls to write down when they will study their scriptures. I would do it a little differently. I have seen old fashioned keys at craft stores in the scrapbooking section. I would use a key and attach a tag with the quote from the book mark from the lesson and a place where they could write down when they planned on  studying their scriptrues.

I have also seen chocolate key molds that you could attach the part of the lesson that gives the steps for studying. 

image source and where you can purchase the mold

  1. Pray always before you begin to read the scriptures. Slow your mind down and be free from this world. Also, pray all the while you read—as certain concepts of the gospel illuminate your soul or as you have questions. Don’t hesitate to call upon your Father.

  1. Keep a paper and pencil handy while you read. This is a stimulating activity, and often goals, exciting ideas, or original thoughts will creep into a stale mind.

Go slowly! This study is not a race. No longer do you have to finish a prescribed number of chapters before you go to bed. Spend several days with a single chapter or verse. Memorize scripture and it will bloom with hidden meanings you hadn’t been cognizant of, meanings pertinent to your life today.

Ask questions as you read the scriptures. … Question and then call upon the Lord. As I questioned, the doors of my heart unfolded and left room for the Holy Ghost to dwell in me.

Stop many times during the day and ponder the single thought that you have searched out in depth. For instance, consider the truth ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ Repeat the scripture, question your every action, and keep the thought with you on a small card.

For an object lesson I would have some kind of candy on a small plate (enough for the class plus one or two more) I would have the class look at the candy, see how good it looks. Then I would shove on piece in my mouth and chew it up really quick and swallow. I would then ask if they thought I really enjoyed that? Then I would take another piece and eat it in small bites and savor every bite. Which way do you think I enjoyed the most, got the most pleasure from? Of course by taking my time and really enjoying is so much better, like reading our scriptures. Do we do it quickly to get it done or do we savor what we read? 

Another idea for a handout is a ribbon bookmark with a key charm tied on the end that they can keep in their scriptures. 
here's a resource on how to make ribbon bookmarks

image source and where you can purchase the charm

Have a wonderful lesson!!


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