Monday, April 7, 2014

Progressive dinner

We had our progressive dinner this weekend and had such a good time. We wanted to bring a little sunshine back into our program and so we had the dinner to help the girls see how they can help.

Our invite, to which I attached a yellow sucker.

We started at one of my counselors home with appetizers she made spinich dip with baguettes and wrapped asparagus, both were SO yummy. The activity we did at her home was each girl pinned a piece of paper to her back that said "I'm fabulous because. . . . " and everyone wrote something fabulous about her on it.

after they had eaten their appetizer and finished writing we watched a short Mormon message about loving one another. 

Then on to the next home. Here we had a wonderful salad and bread sticks. My secretary was in charge of this course and she had taped all the forks to dowels, well as it turns out you can't feed yourself with something that long and so we had to feed each other. The lesson being we need to look outside ourselves and find opportunities to serve those around us. 
When preparing for this dinner we wanted to have a theme to work with and my first counselor found THIS fabulous article about scattering sunshine. So our theme was being rays of sunshine, hence the yellow. Anyway in that article they listed ways to scatter sunshine and one of the ways was to sing a happy song. So we split the girls up and had one group sing You are my sunshine in a country accent and the other sing Scatter Sunshine in a British accent. Everyone was a great sport and it was hilarious to hear. 
They also watched anther Mormon Message at this home. (I left early because my house was next so I didn't see which one it was)

Sorry I didn't get pictures at the other homes, my arms and hands were busy with a baby in them.

We then headed off to my home for the main course. We served pork loin, garlic mashed red potatoes, and green beans along with a yummy yellow punch. 
We put place cards on the table so that we could mix the girls up from sitting next to their usual crowd. On the inside of the place cards I put a question that everyone at the table then answered. It made for some fun conversation. After dinner we watched a short video on Christ like attributes. 

From here we headed to the last home for dessert. My counselor had made mini cheesecakes which were so good. At her home we showed Sister Dalton's video about letting your light shine and my fabulous beehive advisor wrote three skits. Two were for the girls to do and one for us as leaders to do for the girls. They were so fun and everyone had a great time preforming.
We also sent the girls home with a little thank you treat.

It was a wonderful evening and it was wonderful to spend some time with the girls.



  1. Super cute Tiffany! Great job!!!

  2. This is such a great idea! I am a hispanic Baptist woman and the resources are pretty limited for us so i've taken to seeking out christian women's blogs in english and translating the ideas into our small congregations. Thank you for blogging this!