Monday, March 17, 2014

New Beginnings ~D.O.T.S.

Our theme for New Beginnings this year was D.O.T.S. Depend On The Savior (which we found all over Pinterest. We presented the class presidents with four choices for themes and this was the one they decided on. They helped in planning the program and making assignments, making the decorations, and deciding on refreshments.

We went with a pink and gold color scheme and I love how it all came together.

We also had an amazing program. The girls each took care of the values as well as the other parts we're to cover in the PP book. (theme, motto, logo, class symbols, etc.) But for the value presentations we had them read the little exert from the Come Follow Me through PP article . That was a little something we did differently. Some thing else that the girls decided to do was instead of having a speaker we had a parent stand and tell us how they see their daughter depending on the Savior. It was a great program and was amazing to hear these parents praise their daughter for living the gospel. I think it was important for the girls to hear and to realize their efforts are noticed.

Here are a few pictures of our night.

First is our invitation. we punched out the gold and pink dots to add to the CD sleeve envelope.

AAAHHH this one is upside down, sorry.

Like I said the girls cut out all the circles to hang

And made the tissue poms for the walls

And glittered the vases for the flowers

For their take home treat we made sugar cookie bars from THIS recipe and put them in some mini pizza style boxes we made. HERE is the tutorial on how we made the boxes.
 It was a wonderful evening and I'm so thankful for all the girls and leaders and their hard work. 



  1. Turned out SUPER cute. LOVE the color scheme. I've been wanting to glitter vases for awhile now...yours turned out awesome! xoxo

  2. I love your cute ideas! How did you make your invitations? Would you be willing to share or email a PDF of the invite to me??

    1. I would love to share but I didn't keep this PDF. Sorry.