Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lesson 35/Manual 1

My first thought on this lesson was to use the example of diamonds. How because of the pressure they're exposed to they become beautiful things. And I think this would be a fun way to go with this lesson.

But as I was going through the extra resources I came across a Mormon Message from Brother Holland and my whole way of seeing this lesson changed. 

This is the link for the Mormon Message
You need to watch this first or the rest of my ideas may not make much sense.

Of course you should preface showing this video that although Brother Holland was speaking to the young men it also very much applies to them. I would have them listen and when he says young men or  men to replace it with young women and girls. 

I can see an analogy of playing in a game and all those people yelling on the sidelines so many distracting things. How if we listen to the distractions we can step out of bounds which will effect our standing in the game.  I love how he says we need to stay in the game, we need to decide if we are playing on the Lords team. 

So from this video I would print out these sports fields and courts and display them around the room. 

Basketball court

 Soccer field

Football field

 Tennis court

Maybe see if they can identify which sport is played on which field. I would also go over some reasons why there our boundaries for these sports. Some reasons might be to keep the players safe, so that the players know what is expected of them, and what their goal is. 

Daniel is the main example in this lesson of someone who withstood the influences of those around them and lived his life as he knew he should. He was a great player on the Lords team.

You could attach any kind of sports themed thing to their quotes and stories
I've seen these foil covered chocolates at Party Supply stores

 And I've also seen these sucker molds at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Actually you could do chocolate covered oreos and pipe baseball or basketball markings on them or sugar cookies for that matter.

As a handout I would take my favorite quote from the Mormon Message and attach it to a whistle. 

I've made a Righteous living amid pressures sheet from the lesson if you'd like to use it. 

you can download it HERE

Have a great lesson!!


  1. You made my week! Love your blog, love the absolute inspired creativity and love YOU! Thank you!

    1. Cherub Chic, you are too sweet. I really appreciate your comment, come by and leave comments any time!! : )

  2. This is great. I think that my girls will really understand the lesson when I use this. Thanks for your great ideas!

  3. Wonderful application for this lesson, I am going to use it this sunday! Thanks!

  4. Ok, WHY didn't you tell me you started this blog? I ran a search and came across it by accident! Great stuff and I'm sure you are doing a wonderful job in YW (again) :) Love you!