Monday, August 20, 2012

Lesson 29/Manual 1

This lesson is to help the YW understand that they are a Royal generation. So of course crowns and tiaras were the first thing that hit my brain. 

I've seen and used these little tiaras in the party favor section at Party City that would be perfect to add to the quotes and scriptures for this lesson, they were about $ .35 each. They also had some full size tiaras that would make a fun handout. 

I found a great object lesson on Sugardoodle that would make a great impact if you can find someone who can pull it off. HERE is the link for it.
After you have someone do this I would show the video of the ten virgins from the church website. HERE is the link to it. 

They may be the royal generation (as we are) but that doesn't mean that they don't have to put in the effort to be worthy to be that royal generation. 

I found some cute crown things that would make fun handouts to attach D&C 87:8 to.

These are some super cute cupcakes that would be perfect

Or you could do cookies

Or instead of buying a tiara you could make your own crown for the girls to make it personal.

It looks like they used some cute paper and added lace and ribbon rosettes and ribbon trim. You could also use cupcake papers for the fringe and flowers. 

I found a tutorial to make cupcake paper flowers on Martha Stewart

I hope this inspires you and as always read the additional talks on the sidebar of the lesson for added inspiration.

Have a great lesson!


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  1. I just got called as YW president, checked out your print for the theme, ended up cruising through posts...and saw my crowns :0) Great minds think alike! So fun to see my stuff on other fabulous blogs! You are doing an amazing job with the yw program. I will be taking serious notes!
    The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker