Monday, December 31, 2012

Search for the Treasure within (Night of Excellence)

For Night of Excellence this year the girls chose the theme "Search for the treasure within" and wanted to use a "pirate" theme as well. 

Our invitations were placed in bottles and made to look like an old treasure map

For our program we kept it pretty short and sweet. Each of the presidency took a few minutes to speak on 1. what is our treasure 2. how do we find it 3. what do we do with it once we've found it. 

Then they (parents and YW) were divided into team and given their first clue for their treasure hunt. The clues were the scriptures given in the PP book under each value. We had 8 rooms decorated in the value color and a treasure chest on a table with a treasure they took with them. Also on the table was their next clue. They went from room to room collecting their treasures and then ended up back in the RS room for the end of our program and refreshments.

Each class took a few values and were responsible for decorating their table and figuring out the treasure that went with it. 



for the treasure we did light bulb vases

Divine Nature

The treasure here was a little tiara


The treasure here was a little thing of Smarties



Good Works

Choice & Accountability

Individual Worth

This was our display table where the girls put out what they have been working on for the year

These are the treasure boxes the girls took with them to fill with their treasure

And our refreshment table

At the end of our program we had a special treat for the YW. I'm sure you've all see the videos out there of YM singing "You don't know your beautiful" for the YW, well we had our YM do the same and the girls absolutely LOVED it!!! We had to watch it twice it was so good. 

It turned out to be a really fun evening and one I hope the girls will remember for a long time. 

The treasure chest on the tables in the rooms and the mini treasure chest were all found at Oriental Trading. 



  1. This turned out absolutely adorable!!! I love how you included the girls in the planning and decorating! What a cute idea....definitely going to remember this for the future! xoxo

  2. i know this was a while ago for you but can you by any chance send me the clues or post them. i really like this idea but im not the best when it comes to words like that. thank you

  3. Yes, I would love the clues you used as well please?

  4. For the clues since a few people have asked I just used the scripture that went with the value which you can find in the Personal Progress book. I hope that helps!

  5. We are totally using these ideas! Would you be willing to edit the invite with our information and I'll pay you for the design. Thank you! Kate Hicken 951-532-5494/

  6. We love these ideas! Would you be able or willing to edit the invite with our ward's info and I will pay you for the design... Thanks! Kate Hicken 951-532-5494/

    1. Hi Kate, sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. It's been a crazy week at my house. Am I too late to be of any help? I'd be happy to do what I can for you.

  7. Tiffany, I would also like the invite. Is it in a program that I can edit?

    1. I'm sorry I don't have the invite any longer. If I have time I'll try to get a blank one uploaded to share.

  8. Fantastic!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Bjus da Paulinha Freitas.

  9. What was the treat and saying that went with Good Works

    1. I think the treat was the chocolate gold coins. And I can't remember what the quote was, sorry.

  10. We used this idea for our Young Women in Excellence last night. Thanks for posting it.