Thursday, March 1, 2012

coming up

So right on the "heels" of our New Beginnings I am in charge of our Standards night. We wanted to address modesty at this standards night because as the warm weather approaches we see too much skin. Living here in Las Vegas the warm weather comes soon and stays for quite a while so we wanted to address this before it became and issue. 

I pinned these high heel cupcakes a while back and then saw that the girls over at Sisters in Zion put a really cute twist on them. I have been racking my brain for a theme for this Standards night ,because well I just work better when I have a theme, and they had a perfect one for me to run with.

So I introduce to you the invite for our High Heels and High Standards Night.
The heels play right in to "attire" and more specifically modest attire. 
So here is the invite I created for this night. 
I've had them printed off and then I added some black boa to the top for a more boutique kind of feel to them. 

I'll post more soon about the program and what else I've got cooked up for the night. I'm so excited about this one!!!!


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